What to do if you’ve been hacked, sadly it’s just a matter of time before your website is compromised in some way and your website is hacked. The important thing to do is to try to implement all the security you can and be prepared and know what you need to do in advance, so that when it happens and it will happen you know exactly what you should do.

What to Do If You’ve Been Hacked Relax and Don’t Panic

If you’ve previously prepared you have nothing to worry about so relax and don’t panic. You’ll be able to quickly repair the damage and have your website back up and working in no time at all, if you have done the things needed to do such tasks, such as backing up your software, backing up your information and backing up your entire website and knowing who to call to get help.

Don’t keep it a Secret Tell Everyone

You want people to know that you were hacked because often times these things spread like wildfire and many of the people you tell might also have been attacked. People know that this is not your fault, and if you’re up front about any information that could have been compromised it gives them a chance to fix any collateral damage that might develop. Plus, you want your followers, fans, readers and community to be fully informed.

Call Your Website Host

Even though you are going to call someone in to fix the problem, it’s important to let your webhost know, especially if your website is on a shared server. Others on the server could be affected, and you cannot be sure about how far the damage has spread. Don’t rely on them to totally fix your problems as in my experience they don’t, but they will often help and find the ways in which hackers have got in and advise you how to plug those holes. However, you will still need to repair the issues affecting your website.

Shut The Website Down

Dependent upon your website and how it is backed up, you’re safe shutting down your site for now, until you can get things back up and repaired. Better to be down with a message of repairs being completed than to further compromise anyone else. If however your website is backed up properly it can take as little as a few minutes to an hour or so, to have a backed up website installed and working perfectly. This is how FX Digital back websites up, we also keep an archive just in case, in our experience you cannot be too careful with backups.

What to do if you’ve Been Hacked Change All Passwords Immediately

What to Do If Youve Been Hacked Immediately change every password you use, for every single part of your website, and your business and make sure all passwords are strong which means using phrases such as (2k)*&#@)*#&#jJY&2. As you have no way of knowing what other type of information they have now that they’ve hacked your website. Definitely change your FTP password, your WordPress passwords, and anything associated with your website’s passwords.

Fix the Damage

If you already have a techie professional that can help you then they’re likely already hard at work fixing the damage, using your backups to restore your site to like new. If you don’t already have a professional at your fingertips, you need to consider finding one if you’re not of the geeky persuasion yourself. It’s a great stress reducer to know that someone has your back and can fix things, contact FX Digital for help and advice.

Change the Passwords Again

This might seem redundant, but you should be changing your passwords every 30 to 90 days as a matter of course and don’t use the same passwords for many different things. Don’t leave your passwords, no matter how difficult, the same for longer than 90 days. Keeping your passwords updated and changed often will help prevent more issues in the future.

Install a Firewall and Other Security

If you use WordPress it’s very easy to use a plug-in to install a firewall. These plug-ins will email you when someone is trying to break into your site and lock them out. There are other security plug-ins that you can get for WordPress that help harden your databases and other files so that it’s harder for hackers to break in, again if you need help simply contact FX Digital for advice and help.

To lessen the pain of being hacked, it’s important to be prepared. Continuously back up all your work both onsite and offsite so that you have double guarantee to have all your hard work saved to put back up on your new clean server. Most companies struggle with being hacked simply because they don’t have a proper backup policy.

At FX Digital we back up all our clients’ sites daily to a cloud based solution, we further back up each website monthly and weekly, to our own server. Additionally we use a third party scanning company that scans each website every four hours to check for malware and hacking and if it finds issues, we are informed immediately and the issue can be resolved with ours and others experts help in a short time. Additionally we also use A CDN to reduce the risk on our servers and provide additional security measures.

What to do if you’ve been hacked? The answer is always easy, be prepared and it’s never an issue just an inconvenience.

What to Do If Youve Been Hacked 
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