When you have any type of business data or even important personal data on your computer, it’s imperative that you back it up. Even if you have data online in the cloud in the form of WordPress websites or other types of websites, it’s imperative to back up that data often because things happen.

You’re Not Infallible

Sometimes mistakes happen, and you or anyone else can make the mistakes. You might try to update your WordPress website and make a mistake somehow and lose everything. If you’ve backed up the data, then it will literally only take a few minutes to fix it.

You Are Required

In some instances, depending on the type of data you have, you may be required to keep it for a certain number of years, like taxes. If you deal with other types of private information, you may be required to save it in a certain way. The best way to ensure that you have the data you need is to back it up.

Disasters Happen

The fact of the matter is that disasters happen, both man made and nature made. Because of this, you can assume that you will lose your data due to some sort of disaster eventually. It could be something as simple as a power outage that knocks out your hard drive, or a massive tornado, flood, or worse.

Downtime Can Hurt Your Business

Statistics regarding lost data are astounding. More than 40 percent of businesses that suffer a huge data loss do not recover and end up going out of business. Why risk it when it’s so simple to back up and save your business.

Saves a Lot of Time

The fact is, even if you don’t suffer some sort of data loss, having backups can save a lot of time. In fact, backing up your data on a regular basis or any time you create anything new can save time, because you won’t have to struggle to recreate the data or do it over again if you lose it or mess it up in some way.

Crashes Happen

Sorry, but technology isn’t perfect. You can get a virus, the thing can overheat, it might just crash for no reason and you’ve lost it all. We’re so lucky today to have the option to back up in the cloud, because it virtually eliminates multiple system failures that can cause you to lose all your data.

Thieves Exist

A lot of people think their computer and their external drive or jump drives are safer than the cloud. But nothing could be further from the truth. People forget that thieves when they break into your business or your home will just take your stuff, hard drive, external drive and all.

It’s Inexpensive Today

Having a fancy backup system used to be expensive, but today it’s not. You can literally save all your data in the cloud for less than 20 dollars a month and never run out of space. Look at Dropbox.com, Carbonite.com, Mozy.com and others. The one you choose depends on your needs.

The importance of backing up your data can’t be overstated. You’ll save time, money, stress and your business if you start backing up all your data as often as possible.

The Importance of Backing Up Your Data
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