Every single business needs regular website maintenance to ensure that they remain secure and operational. Websites aren’t a built once and done proposition, even though almost every single website you see looks just like that, and business owners wonder why they aren’t generating quality, continuous leads. Imagine owning a bricks and mortar store, you must keep the place looking clean, relevant and all the locks and security in good repair, the same goes for your website if you want to maximize performance. Here’s some of the things you need to consider.

Quality Control

Your website should be monitored on a regular basis for errors on the site in terms of grammar, typos, misspellings, and broken links. If people visit your site and notice too many errors, they will lose trust in your work. This goes for all copy on your site as well as this represents your company and needs to be kept relevant. It’s all-important since it’s on your site and represents you.

Communication Management

Your website is the first line of communication with your target audience, and if the methods of communication you offer aren’t working properly your customer service will suffer and you could lose business. Regularly test your customer service system, help desk, and contact forms to ensure that they work.

Website Maintenance and Conversion Performance Standards

Website Maintenance Every Business Should Have How fast do you want your site to load? Is it maintaining your standard? How well do your landing pages convert? How does your site work on mobile technology? Someone needs to establish a standard for your website and then monitor to ensure compliance and actually work to improve conversion rates.

Infrastructure Monitoring

All websites must be updated in terms of security on both the website and the hosting. It’s important that someone is monitoring how well your hosting is working because without that, you have no website. This is becoming more and more important and I would advise every single business owner to make sure their websites hosting environment is up-to-date because in my experience almost every web host falls down here.

Publishing Administration

Part of having a working website is having an easy to accomplish publishing process that keeps content up to date and consistent. You may need writers, editors and those who format and publish the content for live viewing on your site. This needs to be done regularly, I would advise at least weekly and to really succeed at content marketing this should be between ten to twenty new pieces of content per month.

Security Monitoring and Updating

Hackers are out there waiting to find a way into your website so they can either redirect your visitors, hide links, install malware or worse. It’s important that you use software and/or a service to continuously monitor the security of your website. If you website does get hacked and you get blacklisted it not only affects your website but also your emails as your domain name will be blacklisted.

Structural Updates

Every website will need periodic updates in terms of the structure of the site, including ensuring that menus, widgets, advertising, and things like shopping carts are always working properly to help you have the highest return on investment. Conversion optimization also fall in here, if your website is not performing as you would like have you considered conversion optimization.

Daily Archived Backups

All websites should be backed up at least daily. Many hosting companies offer automatic daily backups, but the problem with this is, that almost every time you need a backup it’s because your hosting company is down which means you access to backups is also down. It’s also important to understand that you need an archive of backups as many times you can back up a corrupted website over and over again before someone notices something wrong and without an archive all of your backups could be corrupted.

How many staff you need to accomplish these tasks depends on the size of your business. If you are not very tech savvy you definitely want to outsource the most important security and backup tasks and website design tasks to someone else while you handle the content management and publishing process. You’ll be glad you did because regular website maintenance is crucial to having a successful income-producing website.

Just for the record, all of our customers receive continuous website updates, security updates and even help with conversion optimization and search engine optimized content creation, perhaps you should contact us, if your current provider isn’t offering you such value added website maintenance and optimization services.

Website Maintenance Every Business Should Have 
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