If you have a business is online long enough, your site will be hacked its simply a matter of time and luck. You can put in all the security measures and monitor your website all you want but once you get popular enough, hacking attempts and eventually getting hacked is bound to happen. So whilst you need to do whatever you can to keep it from happening, it also means that you should be prepared for when it does happen.

Be Calm

It is stressful to realize your website has been hacked. You’re worried about your visitors having viruses or malware installed on their computers and your liability for it. You’re worried about any financial information that could have been taken depending on the type of website you have and how information is stored. But, hacking happens, so you might as well take a deep breath and remain calm and do what it takes to resolve the situation.

Gather the Info You Need

You’re going to need all your logins for your hosting, your content management system, a copy of all weblogs, FTP access, and any backups for your support team, or to use yourself if you’re going to do it yourself.

Call Your Support Team

If you don’t have a professional at the ready to deal with these situations, then you should. You don’t have to have someone on staff or pay a monthly fee if you don’t want to, but you should at least know who you’ll call if something like this happens. Having said that, monthly support fees can eliminate a lot of the stress of this happening, if you would like to contact me, we can discuss your requirement and this headache can be ours and not yours.

Take Your Website Offline

The moment you realize your site is infected, it’s best that you take your site offline. You want to protect your audience. You can put up a page for them that gives them instructions on securing their computers and that you were hacked, so that they know what is going on and how you’re doing with it.

Scan Your Computer for Malware and Viruses

Sometimes hackers trick users into downloading malware and viruses on their computers. Therefore, you should double check your computer and warn your audience to do so as well.

Look at Your Backups

If you can determine when your site was infected and you have a previous backup, you can install the backup and then redo the changes that you made since the site hack.

Look at Software Extensions

Sometimes hackers use software extensions to break into your website. Always check that everything is up to date so that you can close off any vulnerabilities from hackers.

Research Your Plugins and Custom Code

If you have a lot of plugins, free or purchased apps that add functionality to your site, or custom code, check them for potential holes and ways for hackers to breach your site through them. Replace plugins or get them fixed.

To prevent future hacks, install harder security on your website and invest in a monitoring program of some sort. Update your website hosting to include SSL, invest in website security and keep your website updated, once again if you are unsure of doing this yourself and need help, feel free to contact me.

How to Recover if Your Website is Hacked
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