No matter how secure you keep your website, it can still get hacked and you should work on the basis that eventually it will be. Even if you constantly scan your computer and update your security, there’s still a risk, especially if you use a shared web hosting company. Keeping a network secure is actually a two-pronged attack, it takes effort from both you and the hosting company.

Many people take for granted that the web hosting company is doing mysterious high-tech things to keep your website safe. This is a dangerous assumption to make. The truth is that some companies handle security better than others. When you’re searching for web hosting, make sure you investigate the extent of the hosting company’s security measures.

SSL Certification

One of the basic features all web hosting companies should provide is SSL certification. This means ‘secure sockets layer’ and it’s an extra layer of protection for pages in which your users have to enter information. SSL involves encrypting your data and sending it in a sort of tunnel that hackers can’t intercept. When a user visits your site, they can see that your site is certified, which gives them peace of mind.

CloudFlare – Content Delivery Network

For added security you should utilize a content delivery network (CDN) as this provides an added level of security, I personally use Cloudflare and I have this set so that it automatically blocks most of those countries that utilize bots for hack attacks, this means that anyone from one of those countries is challenge by the CDN before gaining access to my website.

File Permissions

Most web hosting companies allow you to set your file permissions through them. File permissions allow user access to either read, write, or execute files (or any combination thereof). This is important for the security of your files. When you set up your site, you’ll set these permissions through the web hosting company, which can be changed at any time.

Data Centers

When researching web hosting companies, you should consider where your data is going to be stored. These companies use data centers for storing your files. Good web hosting services use multiple data centers so that, if there’s a problem at one, your site will still be up. This is also better for your site’s security.

Malware and Spam Scanning

Your web host may perform malware and spam scanning. Good companies scan their networks constantly, looking for malicious programs. They’ll have their own firewall and will backup your data for you. You should perform all of these tasks yourself, but it helps if your web hosting company does it as well because it means added protection.

We utilize a third party company that scans all of our customers websites every four hours for malware and offers a full cleanup and blacklist removal service, this is what you should have on your business website because heaven forbid and you are attacked, being blacklisted could seriously affect your bottom line.

Good Customer Support

If your site gets hacked and your data compromised, you need a web hosting provider that is going to fly into action to take care of it. Before signing up, contact them and see how responsive they are. You can also find out about their customer support by reading online reviews of their service.

Domain Registration and Web Hosting

Finally, for added security, don’t have your domain registration and hosting on the same account. Your domain is your home on the web. Your web hosting is where your files are stored. When users access your domain, they’re directed to your files. It seems easy and convenient to put both under the same account, but the problem is that if a hacker accesses your files, they’ll get your domain name as well. If this happens, you’ll lose your site completely.

Hosting Account Security Basics
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