What I offer

Website Review ServiceI can help improve your Website if you ever faced problems like…

  • I don’t attract enough visitors to my website
  • Website visitors don’t seem to do anything on my website
  • Visitors are unsure of what my business does
  • I’m not attracting the right audience
  • I’m attracting visitors but they don’t seem to do anything
  • Visitors don’t spend any length of time on my website

… then a website review may be just what you need.

How it works

Once your order is placed, you can tell me about any specific problems you would like me to look at, or I can carry out a general assessment of your overall website mainly from a sales and marketing perspective.

Website Review ServiceI’ll look at things like

  • Audience attraction
  • Audience retention
  • Calls to action
  • Overall architecture of the site
  • Brand storytelling
  • Conversion optimization
  • Navigation
  • Page layouts
  • Content format
  • Existing content and recommendations
  • Features and functionality usage
  • Social Media integration
  • Etc.

Why Me

For eighteen years, I worked in some of the largest corporations in the world, running estimating, sales and commercial activities… then I found the Internet and for over twenty years now, I’ve been building websites and teaching people how to set and fulfill realistic online goals. I’m recognized as an expert within the online and social media arena and I appear in many top one hundred influencer reports. What this means all means is that I’ve a rather unique skill-set and it’s all of this knowledge that is utilised when reviewing websites.

What you will get

You will get a written report in PDF format.

  • The report will include a list of suggestions and recommendations.
  • Each suggestion will be accompanied by an explanation of why it’s useful.
  • I will also include screenshots of your website, wherever I deem it necessary to point out specific things and to highlight the areas I am talking about.

Well, that’s it. Stuff that actually make sense from a sales and marketing perspective, stuff that you can actually read, implement and use, and not full of fluff to make me look important. Sometimes suggestions will be easy to implement and sometimes they will require a lot of work. But then, nothing worth doing is easy, right? 🙂

If you need any clarifications or additional advice, feel free to ask. If you need help implementing any of my suggestions, I am always at your service.

Remarkable Value

The cost for providing this service is just $290 (USD) which represents tremendous value for money, given our expertise and the fact that the solutions we recommend could make you many thousands of dollars, turning your website into a massive success.

What next?

Simply place your order, as soon as I’ve established your needs, and the goals for the review, I will get started and before to long your report will be with you.

Website Review Service
Website Review Service