It doesn’t take anyone long to surf the Internet and locate a business website that looks old and forgotten. Many businesses have nothing more than a brochure that people are expected to find and view online, often relying on nothing more than a URL on a business card or perhaps a flyer or commercial to drive website traffic. This is unfortunate, because websites can work for almost any business, engaging target audiences, generating leads and from these customers, 24/7 if they are designed and marketed correctly.

If your website isn’t generating leads and you didn’t know any of this, it’s likely you probably need a new website. If you’re still not sure whether or not you need a new website, consider the following.

Your Business Website Is Dull and Boring

Go to your website and look at it, objectively as if you’re a member of your target audience. How do you feel when you see it? If you’re unimpressed and bored, your audience is too. A website should be designed with the audience in mind. If it’s not, your audience will be unimpressed and surfing to your competitions website.

Why Your Business May Need a New Business Website

Your Target Market Has Changed

Over years of doing business, sometimes the focus of the business changes to a new target audience, whether due to a better understanding of target markets or due to a real change in products and services. If your business has experienced this kind of change, it is important to consider a new website design to reflect yours and your target audiences’ needs.

Your Website Content Lacks Proper Focus

While not necessarily requiring a total remake in design, if your content isn’t focused on your target audience and written with them in mind, then you’ll need a complete overhaul of the content on your website. Unfortunately many businesses fail to recognize this and you can see some businesses, building website after website without getting their focus correct and you’ve guessed it, they all fail and get quickly left to gather dust.

New Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

If your business website isn’t generating enough leads, sales and opportunities chances are you are not engaging your audience enough, and if you are then you need to look at lifting the number of leads / sales by conversion optimization and automated sales funnels.

Is Your Search Engine Ranking Dropping

Old technology isn’t good at keeping up with new search engine technology, plus, if your website looks outdated to visitors who do find it, they’ll just click away and be gone.

Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

More people are using mobile technology to access websites than ever before, in fact, mobile technology is outselling personal computers. If your audience member clicks through to your website on a mobile phone or tablet and cannot read it, they won’t be back.

Your Site Is Not Interactive Enough

A new website with all the interactive bells and whistles and interactivity is expected today. The ability to make comments, share on social media, and engage with the audience is very important. If your website lacks this ability, it’s imperative that you update your website today or people will simply go somewhere else to do what they like to do.

You Want a New Website

You simply are ready for a new modern website with a new outlook, which better captures your audience’s attention in a way that makes it easy to deliver the message you want them to know.

Business owners often want a new website simply because they want one, but at other times businesses need a new business website because theirs isn’t working and delivering the results they expected or once had. Modern web design is no longer about simply what looks good, it’s more about audience engagement and conversion rate optimization (lead generation).

Feel free to contact me to discuss your website requirements, over the years I have helped thousands of business.

Why Your Business May Need a New Business Website
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