Websites owners at one time used to search out reciprocal links, many with irrelevant sites as the aim was to get as many links as possible, these days are long gone. Today search engine optimisation requires us to please Google and that means the links to your site and from your site to be authorities to be worth anything in SEO terms.

Your Website Needs Useful, Informative, Accurate, Reliable and Promoted Content

Your website needs to be filled with useful, informative and accurate information aimed at engaging your target audience. You should not use any sort of filler content and make sure the content is original (at least 60-70%) so that you are classed as an original source of quality content. In addition, it’s imperative that your audience knows the content is reliable in terms of being well written and well researched.

Once you have your original content created you should them promote it, every single piece of content should be promoted. With this website for instance every single article published is promoted to all our social media channels and four articles per week are also featured in our weekly newsletter. Our aim being to maximise the return on our content marketing investment whilst also telling our niche audience that here is a piece of content, we’re proud of it and are promoting it, by doing this we are hoping people will link to and share such articles. And remember if you’re not proud enough of your content to promote it, why would anyone else want to link to it?

Your Website Should Be Up-to-Date with Technology

Everyone wanted mobile friendly websites, which tended to be separate websites designed specifically for mobile users a few years back, now everyone wants a responsive website. A responsive website is one that will work on any device as it adapts and responds to the device viewing it. Nothing is worse than typing a link to a shared article to find that you cannot comfortably read it on your iPad or smartphone.

All websites should now be converted to a responsive design as you’ll become much more link worthy to those relevant sites. In addition to being responsive, make sure your website is kept up-to-date, its core technology updated regularly so that is easily identifiable as being updated regularly as this will lead to more links. It also worth noting by keeping your website up-to-date in terms of website security will stop your website attracting Malware which if infected can kill any link campaign in its tracks, so by being security conscious and promoting that you make your website more link worthy.

Your Website Should Look the Part

This goes hand in hand with being up-to-date with technology but also in terms of the design of your site. If you had a successful site in the 90s and you’ve not changed it, it’s way past time for a redesign. There are many different formats and technologies for today’s modern websites so you can have a seriously competitive and up-to-date and awesome (I like that word) website that won’t blind visitors or appear old fashioned.

Your Website Should Engage Your Target Audience

Outside of the look and feel of your website and your content, you need to be sure that everything speaks directly to your target audience. Don’t try to appeal to others just because you want links, these links are worthless in the scheme of things. Appeal to your target audience instead and you’ll gain much more beneficial links. You should be able to create very detailed personas of your target audience, in fact you should have these when you design your website so that you know it is designed to engage these people. These personas are who you will be creating and curating content for. You want your website to be the one-stop place for anyone who needs information on your niche market, so target your content to fulfil this need.

By becoming the most authoritative site that you can for your niche as well as looking the part with an up-to-date website, you’ll certainly become more link-worthy. But, it’s most important to remember that you should always speak directly to your target audience in terms of the look and feel of your site, and the content that you put on it. By doing so your website will become very link-worthy in no time at all.

What Makes a Website Link Worthy?
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