Everywhere you look people have mobile devices, which coupled with different monitors, and browser types, its imperative today to design your website so that it is a responsive website design. That way no matter what device your users choose to view your website with, it’ll still be beautiful, useful and will work well. When designing your website to be responsive, there are several elements you should consider.

Clear Navigation Is Important For Responsive Website Design

Navigation is the most important elements of your website, no matter which type of device your clients are using. But, the days of click-able text are probably over for the most part. Instead you need large buttons that make it easy to press with a finger or stylus. If the button or area that you want to use to link to another item in your website is too small, it won’t be used at all. Your users will miss out, and please don’t try and reinvent the way navigation works, people are used to home being at the left hand side and contact us on the right… if you change this you risk confusing users and missing out on leads.

Adjusted Columns

A responsive website design doesn’t just shrink down to look exactly like the site looks on a computer monitor. Instead, based on monitor size the website will adjust its columns so that the text is still readable. A website that might be three or more columns on a large computer monitor turns into a single column on a mobile device so that everything is still readable and click-able.

Flexible Fonts

In order to shrink down, or grow larger to fit a bigger monitor, the fonts should be flexible and adjust based on the size of the monitor the user is using to view the content. The user should also be able to touch and make the fonts bigger or smaller depending on their own needs. Coding in flexible fonts will improve the user experience exponentially.

Optimized Images

Images should also be adaptable to the size of the monitor viewing. And in some cases, all images aren’t needed depending on the size of the browser. Some images might simply just be in the way and should disappear entirely when viewing on specific monitors. Not all content should be present on a mobile device either. This might mean that some backgrounds or other elements are removed depending on the size of the monitor.

Judicious Use of White Space

White space is important even on a small monitor. You don’t want the mobile or tablet version of your site to look cluttered. You want your site to look professional no matter what type of device your user is using to access it. Ensuring that white space is still available is important, no matter the size of the monitor.

Clear Calls to Action

No matter how your user is accessing your site they need to be able to differentiate your calls to action. If they’re not clear, there is no point in letting them access your information via a mobile device. After all, you have a point to your content, right? Ensure that not only can they notice your calls to action, but they can also act on them via their mobile device.

Finally, the thing that responsive website design does for your business, and does well, is to help you maintain effective branding across all devices. No matter how your customer is choosing to access your system, they are assured that it’s your company that is serving them. Paying attention to these needed elements will go far in increasing user satisfaction and expanding awareness of your brand.

What Makes a Good Responsive Website Design 
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