Gathering data from your website is not just busy work, it’s important work that you need to do in order to ensure that you’re doing the best that you can to bring in the most targeted traffic to your website. Studying the information, you gather and then analyzing it to ensure that you make the best choices is important for your success.

If you’re serious about search marketing and want to boost your visibility online, you can use all the SEO tools they offer at You can use their pro, local or content version to help you not only learn valuable information but also to understand how to use that information once you have it.

See your competitors’ best keywords, find new competitors, and see how domains change in ranking over time based on their activity. Finding the best SEO keywords will help you rank higher, and will bring more targeted customers to your website.

Take raw data, an address list and other information and turn it into an informative Google Map that will help you make great decisions about sales and marketing. It’s cloud based and works quickly to give you the kind of actionable information that you need.

This works with Google to help you make more sense out of your Google Analytics. It’s the “plain English” choice that helps you to deliver the very best results to your customers in an insightful way.

Google Analytics

This is tried and true analytics software that has been around for a long time, but you should still use it. It can be used for all sorts of analytics even if you don’t use AdWords or run Google Ads. Since it’s free, and anyone who has a Google account can use it, why not give it a go?

This cloud-based software helps you look into which keywords are getting the most traction and helping you earn the most money. Plus you can get a detailed list of keywords that any website uses so that you can track your competition.

Understanding your analytics will help you set expectations, for what to expect in the future, as well as how to make what you want to happen come true. You can do that by:

  1. Determining objectives
  2. Studying customer experience
  3. Conducting a traffic study
  4. Determining visitor loyalty
  5. Figuring out conversion rates
  6. Fixing broken links
  7. Upgrading landing pages
  8. Defining your goals and values
  9. Creating a funnel
  10. Testing and repeating

Good analytics and site data software will help you do all that and more. Without being able to look at all your metrics, you won’t be able to define any of the above. But with the information, you can tweak how you do things and improve upon it until you start having the results that you are expecting.

Website Data Analysis Tools for 2016
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