Did you know that the analytics you have installed on your website can help you optimize your website and boost conversion rates? Which basically means they can boast sales, leads and engagement. Think about the type of data that Google Analytics collects from your website visitors, and then you can see clearly how you can optimize your website for those visitors.


It’s important to know which platform your visitors are most likely to consume your content on. If 80 percent of your audience are using mobile devices, then it’s important to optimize your website primarily for mobile users. Similarly if they’re all using a particular operating system and you find that you’re making recommendations based on a different one, then they may not come back to your website.


This might not seem important but whether we like it or not, men and women do experience the world differently, o know it’s hard to believe isn’t it? They like different color combinations, different trigger words, and for the most part a different vibe. Of course, it’s not true for all men or all women, but statistically it’s true for most. As a marketer, you need to focus your efforts on the most.


Some businesses are surprised to find out that more of their audience comes from a different country than they imagined when they’re looking at their stats. If you want to attract people from one location but are somehow attracting them from another, it’s important to assess how this is happening by looking at the links they’re clicking and the actions they’re taking. Your content may be off the mark, or you may have found a new audience if they’re responsive.

Unique Visitors

When you have unique visitors coming to your website, that is a great opportunity to get them on your list. It’s good to look at where they’re coming from and what they did when they got there. Whether they’re bouncing off or sticking to your site, it’s all important. Look at the demographics of your unique visitors and their behavior to help you optimize for future visits based on the statistical expectation that the type of unique visitor will remain the same.

Repeat Visitors

Finding out which visitors are repeat visitors is a great way to determine how sticky your site is. That means how much people like your site after they’ve visited it at least once. That number is important. If it’s low, that means you need to optimize your site to help it become stickier. For example, are your ads, content marketing, and other efforts really bringing your intended audience to your website?

Traffic Source

What are the various traffic sources that feed your site with the traffic it gets? Which ones send more, which sends less, and how did they get the link to send them? All of this information is important and can help determine where to spend more time.

Referral URLs

The inbound links that come to your site delivering traffic are super-important, because some may be sending very qualified traffic and some may be sending the wrong audience. Or, you may need to change the links to provide a better landing page or improve the landing page to help improve results.

Most Popular Pages

Knowing which of your pages are more popular can help you optimize them with a better call to action, to help you make more sales or get more people on your list. On a popular page, try adding a content upgrade that will enable you to get more of those visitors onto your list.

Least Popular Pages

Is there a way to fix an unpopular page to make it popular? Why is it unpopular? Have you promoted it enough? What can you fix on that page to make it more relevant to your visitors? There is usually something you can do to improve it, from improving SEO to updating the content to make it more relevant.

Using the data that you collect to improve every aspect of your website will almost immediately show an improvement in conversions – both for your email list sign-ups and for your product and service sales. Pick at least one thing and give it a try.

Using Visitor Data to Optimize Your Website
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