If you are considering setting up a membership website there are a number of different ways, here are a few insider tips to consider.

Set a Realistic Goal

When thinking about a membership website, set yourself some realistic goals. Do you want to position yourself as more of an expert? Earn more income regularly? If so, how much? These goals are worthy, but they also vary in terms of how specific they are and how you can measure success.

If you want to earn $72,000 per year, for example, that is $6,000 per month, or $200 per day. Imagine pricing your membership at $19.95 per month and you will know you need at least 10 members a day to sign up and pay you in order to meet your goal. But look what happens next month, that income is automated, paid for via credit card and/or through PayPal.

If you then market your site and add more members, your income will increase. You will have some people drop out, but new members should make up for this.

Use Great Content

In order to get people to sign up and remain a member, you have to have great content they will be eager to get. With membership sites, they want access to a certain level of expertise. They also want insider secrets and real solutions to their most pressing problems.

And if you want to charge more than $20 per month, your membership either needs to stand out in some way, and/or offer the chance for them to make money themselves from all they learn, so that the membership will basically pay for itself in their minds.

Make the Most of Your Existing Customers

Look at your traffic logs. What content is most popular? Look at your product line. What products are most popular? Consider creating a membership site based around these topics.

Survey your email marketing list. Ask what they would find most useful. Don’t try to sell to everyone. Sell more and more products to your target audience by keeping them in mind for every product you create.

Create a Great Customer Experience

People register for a membership site for different reasons. It could be for educational purposes. It might also be because you are offering them help with running their business and thus enabling them to make more money.

If it is for educational purposes, plan to offer a range of content that will appeal to everyone no matter what their learning style. Think video, in-depth reports, checklists, cheat sheets and so on that will help them master what they wish to learn. Keep things fresh and interesting so they will wish to remain members month after month.

In terms of help running a business, a good example would be a private label rights (PLR) membership, where each month, they would get new content to use at their site. If you are a good writer, you could offer a pack of five articles, five emails and a short report they could sell or give away in order to build their email marketing list. This will save them time and money and can help them earn more as well.

Make your members’ lives easier, and they will remain members for a long time.

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