It’s hard enough to get people to visit your website so the last thing you want is for someone to land on your website and to bounce off to the next website without hanging around to read yours. Your aim after all is to get them to read your content, see your offers and then answer your calls to action. But, many people do bounce off of websites, bouncing means they have visited your website but have left quickly without reading much of your content if any.

You can easily view your bounce rate in Google Analytics, by doing so you can then start to work out how to reduce your bounce rates as you have your starting point and can then see if the changes you make reduce this bounce rate.

Let me share my current bounce rate is just 14.46% which means that the visitors I attract to my website are interested in what I have to say. The target audience that I am attracting, the content they find and my promotional methods are all in sync. When working on your own bounce rates the idea is that you look at your current rate, make some improvements and then check to see if this reduces the bounce rate. You do this comparing your own metrics to your previous metrics to make improvements and make your website better and better, which results in more leads, sales, etc.

Page Load Speed

By increasing the speed of your website so that it loads faster, you’re going to automatically lower your bounce rate. People are impatient and simply will not wait around for something to load.

Don’t Hurt People’s Eyes

Websites generally have black text on a white background, this is because it’s easy to read and nothing distracts you from that purpose. So resist the urge to use certain colors such as blue and gold, because they do not translate well to online reading. Additionally you need to space out paragraphs differently than you would for print for instance. It’s okay to separate your text into smaller paragraphs for reading online because people skim content and only read what they want, similarly never put titles all in uppercase characters because these are harder to read and cannot be skim read.

Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization is important for your website, especially in regard to bounce rates. Do you have the right content to attract your target audience, is this SEO to attract this audience or is it lacking somewhat and attracting to general an audience. Often improving your SEO will reduce your bounce rates as more of the right people find your content.

Study Your Target Audience

Is the content on your website of interest to your audience, a poor bounce rate could imply that you have missed the mark and are simply not engaging your target audience with your content. If you study your audience more, find their pain points and then write you’re content to address these pain points, this will reduce bounce rates.

Avoid Pop-Ups

The general rule is that pop-ups are a big turn off and to be honest some of them are, those that pop-up and annoy you simply drive people away. However, people like me use them because they work and you get more signs up using them, than if you don’t. However my advice is to let the page load first and then only ever have a pop-up show once in a visitors visit, that way you don’t annoy people and drive them away whilst still benefiting.

Create Natural Navigation

The more arty your designer the more often they try to do fancy things with your websites navigation. A websites navigation should be easily noticeable, it should feel natural and easy to use. Keep link titles simple and easy to understand, with home buttons on the left or top, and contact us buttons on the right or bottom depending upon if you have a vertical or horizontal menu, and don’t overdo the buttons, simple to understand navigation always works the best.

Use Proven Design Techniques

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, simply browse the Internet and lookout for well-made websites that have lots of traffic that capture your attention and makes you want to read more and more. You can get a plugin for Chrome to find out what page rank each site has.

Link to plugin – Click here

Know the Reason for Your Website

If you don’t know the purpose of your website then you cannot portray this to your visitors and no one else will know. Try to ensure that you have mapped out the website before building it so that you know and your visitors know that the website is clear about its message.

Mobile Friendly

If someone comes to your website using a mobile device and finds that your website isn’t mobile friendly, they will simply leave. When searching google using a mobile device all search results show which websites are mobile friendly and later this month, Google will also penalize all none mobile friendly websites, so ensure your website is mobile friendly, you’ll get more visitors and your bounce rate will improve.

Bounced traffic has a variety of causes that you need to research. You can use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to help you discover ways to reduce your bounce rates. But, one of the most important things is to ensure that your website speaks to your target audience so that you attract the right people in the first place and then engage them.

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