It’s very important to ensure that the plugins you use are safe so that you don’t ruin your website or put your visitors at risk. Thankfully, there are loads of free and premium safe WordPress plugins that work great and add a lot of functionality to your WordPress site. Naturally, the best place to find WordPress plugins is via the website, but there are other ways to know if it’s a safe plugin too.

To Check for Safety

Read Reviews and Ratings

Whether the plugin is on or elsewhere, if there are reviews and ratings, read them. These will give you a lot of information about the plugin that can help you determine if it’s safe or not. It’s also worth noting when the plugin was last updated and how they handle support requests.

Check to See If the Plugin Is Popular

If it has a lot of good ratings and has been downloaded a lot, then it’s likely very popular, which means that it probably works great. You can join WordPress groups on Facebook and ask people what they think about a plugin to get more feedback.

Ask the Developer a Question

A great way to find out if a plugin is good is to ask the developer a question. By doing this you can find out how fast they answer, which is a great indicator of how much support you’ll get if something goes wrong.

Test the Plugin before Installing

You can use a sandbox service like Addendio or You can also create a sandbox using the instructions from the website.

Addendio – –
WordPress –

To Find Plugins


As mentioned, this is the best place to find free versions of most plugins that have passed all of WordPress’s criteria. You can pretty much count on the plugins on the site to be good, but do check how long it is since they’ve made an update. You don’t want to use a plugin that has been abandoned and isn’t being updated anymore.

Check CodeCanyon

You can search for the type of plugin you want to use on this site. It will literally find any type of plugin that you need. Be sure to check ratings, updates, and so forth for any plugin you find here too. I’ve used lots of plugins from here…

Link –

Theme Developers

Most WordPress theme developers also create plugins. If you use a theme, check on their site for plugins. Often the plugins created by the theme developer will work better on your theme anyway. If they don’t create it, they may still be able to recommend compatible plugins.

Search Google

Just look on Google by searching for the type of plugin you want. For example, if you want a plugin to help your website automatically create affiliate links, you can search for “plugin that automates affiliate links” and what you’ll find are several plugins that will do the job.

Regardless of how you find out about a plugin, always check it out to ensure that it’s safe and that the developers are reliable.

How to Locate and Choose Reputable Plugins
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