Customers today are more educated than ever, they are blind to almost all advertisements and they don’t want to be sold to. They have instant access to an unlimited amount of information using their mobile phones, tablets or computers. If you want to attract new customers and retain the ones you already have, it’s important to think about each customers experience so that you can create a positive experience from end to end.

It should not really matter how your customers access your information; they should get the same positive experience. Naturally, it will have to be a little different on each device as a mobile phone and computer have different screen sizes and therefore need to show information differently, but what is offered should be the same content with the same functionality. It should have the same look and feel regardless of the device the customer is using to access it.

Offer the Same Content

No matter which device your customers access the information you provide, they should be able to easily access and see the same content. Although different aspects may be highlighted, based on the device, the user should have a good user experience on whatever device they chose to use.

Use the Same Colors

Don’t confuse people messing with your brand by changing colors or logos for different devices. The look and feel of your main website, while the layout might be different due to screen space, should be very much the same across all devices. This is important as people might access your information using different devices dependant on the time of day.

Optimize for Each Device

On a smartphone you might optimize an area differently than for a tablet user if that area that is easier to use via that particular device, provided also that it doesn’t take away from the experience. Perhaps when reading a report on a smartphone, the images are on a single page rather than so small that you cannot hope to view them.

User Friendly Design

It shouldn’t matter what device your audience is viewing your information on, the design needs to put the user first and foremost. What you want your audience to know doesn’t matter as much as what they want to know, remember it’s always about the customer and what they want.

Consider Scrolling instead of Clicking

Clicking on a smartphone can be a very different experience than on a computer, if you can instead create everything on one continuous page, so that to see the “next page” on the smartphone requires only scrolling (and on the website it can be via a click or scrolling), you can potentially make reading more a lot easier for your audience, the secret is to test and measure to see which works best.

Keep the Search Bar Consistent

Keep the search bar in the same place on each device. If it’s at the top on a computer, keep it at the top on the mobile device. This consistency keeps your audience understanding how to use your website to find the information they want, this is especially important as people may access your website using different devices and may be looking for the same information.

Make Recommendations

Never be afraid to make recommendations to your audience regarding more content that they might be interested in viewing. Famous websites like Netflix and Amazon do this very successfully, and you can too.

Recommend Other Devices

Not only can you recommend other content that you’ve created, you can also recommend other devices and apps that you offer to help your audience member access more information from you.

Your audience should have an excellent experience regardless of the device they use to access your information on. Given that people often now access websites using different devices dependant on the time of the day, with smartphones used more often in the morning hours before people arrive at work, computers used at work and then tablets used in the afternoon. This means that they should be able to switch from one device to another as seamlessly as possible. Give them this experience and reap the rewards.

Creating a Continuous Flow and a Positive Experience from End to End
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