The most effective and most important from of content from marketing your business today is arguably the content you put on your website’s blog. This is the content that will attract visitors to your website via the search engine traffic that the keyword rich content will generate when your audience performs a search on the search engines. Many companies used to operate separate blogs however to gain the maximum benefit your blog should now be part of your website.

Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Blog With ImagesStudies show that blogging about your business, products and services at least twenty times per month will allow you to get five times more traffic than if you don’t. This is according to a study done by You can literally double your website traffic in six months if you keep it up. Consider this for a minute, in six months you can double the amount of visitors to your website and these visitors are not your typical visitors these are people highly interested in the content you have and are therefore more likely to engage with your company.

If you want to get these visitors to stick around your blog, coming back time and time again rather than just reading it once it’s important to make your blog posts visually pleasing. Putting images in your blog posts will break up the text and will make your blog easier to read and more attractive. In addition, an image can help make a point or further explain the meaning of the content you place on your blog. Taking the time to source and select the most relevant images will make your blog look and feel more professional and this will have a positive impact on your business.

There are many ways you can find appropriate images.

Take Photos Yourself

You can produce perfectly good images by using your iPhone to take relevant pictures. If you have a digital camera, that is another way to take pictures. If you want to take pictures of products, make yourself a portable light box or try taking the pictures outside in natural light.

And if you think home produced images don’t work, let me tell you that they work an awful lot better than many of the stock photo options as everyone knows they are staged and its impact is nowhere near as good as a real photo.

Get Creative

An image doesn’t have to be a photograph; it can be an attractive arrangement of a quote from your blog post made into a .jpg file with a beautiful and colourful background. This is a great way to add interest as well as call out an important point within your blog post. It looks attractive and helps explain meaning to your readers.

Hire Someone

There are plenty of graphic designers on sites like Fiverr, as well as other sites that you can hire to help you come up with appropriate graphics for your blog posts. They may be better at coming up with ideas than you, and it’s perfectly okay to hire someone. If you outsource your blog posts, ask your writer if they can help you with images.

Look on Stock Photo Sites

There are quite a few stock photo sites, like,,, and, that you can use to find appropriate images to use on your blog. Some of the sites are free, and some are paid. Just check the license rules to ensure that you have a right to use the image. Be aware that cheesy stock photos are not as effective as what I call real photo’s, people want to be engaged by real people and not by something that is staged so when selecting stock photo’s bear this in mind.

A few points to consider when using images, don’t go overboard and use too many of them. Images affect loading times, so ensure you use optimised images and make sure they are sized appropriately and that you don’t have too many. To increase your images effectiveness you can also use the Alt tag on the images so that if an image doesn’t show up for some reason the Alt tag will tell the reader what the image is about, this also helps with search engine optimisation.

Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Blog With Images
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