Google makes changes and adjustments to its algorithms that ranks websites all of the time. Many website owners complain that the changes are designed to either make money for the website designers or to drive the owners insane, and with the latest updates popularly called Mobilegeddon, many website designers are trying their best to capitalize on it. The goal for Google however is to continue to provide the most relevant search results that lead to the best quality content, for the person searching Google.

The latest changes which were rolled out on April 21st, are Google attempt to provide the best search results for mobile device users. This is important to Google because more people now search the internet using mobile devices than tradition computers, this has actually happened a full two years before most experts predicted the shift would occur. Numbers are predicted to climb further, which means a shift from designing things to work on computers first and mobile devices second, to mobile first and computers secondary.

Unlike previous Google updates, this time Google announced its planned update and has actively encouraged all webmasters to make sure their websites are mobile friendly. Google have also released a free to use testing tool, you simply enter your website address and this mobile friendly test will tell you if you website is mobile friendly in the eyes of Google. Even if you think your website is mobile friendly, I would urge you to test it by clicking here, because it is Google’s perception that matters.

Does it matter if your website fails, to most businesses it won’t make much of a difference to their search engine optimization? A website on page two that drops to page ten because it isn’t mobile friendly, isn’t attracting visitors in the first place because no one searches page two of Google.

It does however matter from a website visitors’ perspective. Now that more people access the Internet via mobile devices than computers, it makes sense from a business perspective to do everything you can to enable visitors to easily see your information. If you don’t they will after all simply move on to the next website they find, so all of those business cards, networking meetings, etc., will have all been wasted.

Let’s look at some solutions shall we and bring it up to Google mobile-friendly status and more importantly to make it meet your audiences expectations.

Top Fixes for Google Mobile Standard Fail

Upgrade your Theme.

The skin of your website (the theme) dictates a great deal of what goes on within your website. This includes the mobile-friendly part of your site. If you have purchased a popular predesigned theme you should check to see if the theme you are using has been updated. A simple update of your theme might be all you need to make your website mobile friendly.

Change your Theme.

Unfortunately some themes will just never be responsive. Either the designers have stopped upgrading and moved on to other projects or you might have had a custom theme created. Be certain that your current website is backed up fully, before you begin making any changes to your theme. Also remember that a name of a theme does not mean it is mobile-friendly according to Google standards. You should review your proposed new theme before making the move to ensure it is mobile friendly, and if there is a demo available run that through Googles mobile friendly test to make sure.

Install a Plugin.

You may not be in a financial position to make a big change, or you may not want to go through the hassle of a big change at the moment. No matter what your reason, there are plugins and software specifically designed to fix the mobile-friendly issues of a website. Again, be sure you back up your website before installing new plug-ins or other software that can affect the function of your website.

Google makes changes to make things better (for who?), even if it may not feel like it at the time. These recent adjustments to make websites more mobile-friendly have come in the wake of a shift to more mobile device usage. Making the changes necessary to pass the Google mobile-friendly test will be good for your bottom line at the end of the day.

Best Fixes for the Google Mobile Friendly Changes
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