Mobile devices now access the Internet more often than computers and as mobile will continue to outshine computers in the content delivery marketplace, its’ important to be aware that if you’re not ready for mobile, you’re already losing out on potential revenue. Being ready for mobile for many means building a responsive website, the next thing however is to determine how to monetize mobile for your specific niche.

Understand What Mobile Means

Anything that can access the Internet “on the go” constitutes mobile, this incorporates smart phones, tablets, watches and anything else. It’s important to understand the difference between “optimized for” or “accessible to” mobile. You don’t need to be optimized for mobile to be available and usable on mobile devices, you just need to be accessible for mobile. Think of mobile as simply a new tool or browser to view your content and offerings, instead of a whole new environment.

Make Your Content Mobile Ready

If you website is based on a responsive design, you’ll be able to easily be viewable and usable on mobile devices. Ensure that any additional plugins, applications, and changes you make are also usable on mobile devices, I’ve actually seen otherwise responsive designs broken by users and sometimes designers adding in items that simply don’t work on a mobile device. If you’re website isn’t based on a responsive design, find a different one that is, because you’ll literally missing out on over half of your audience. Don’t believe me, check your websites bounce rates, if these have increased over time chances are your mobile audience is simply leaving you in droves.

Release Your Own App

To earn money via mobile, one great way is to release your own mobile app that you charge for, offer a subscription based service, use it as a way to promote affiliate links to products, or for your audience to make in-app purchases from you to earn revenue. You don’t even need to know how to code, you can purchase off the shelf applications.

Offer Mobile Friendly Checkout

If a shopping cart doesn’t allow for easy mobile purchasing, most shoppers will not go back to your website. In fact, they’ll likely complain about it all over social media and you’ll lost other customers you don’t even know about. To avoid this problem, ensure that people have the same experience on mobile that they have on their computers in the office or home.

Increase Social Media Activity

Mobile users spend an enormous amount of time using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If you want to encourage mobile use of your blog, promote it a lot more on social media where these people hang out. When mobile users see your promotions and click through to your mobile friendly website, they’ll be pleased and will tell their friends.

Create Highly Digestible Content

Shorter content that is optimized for easily mobile digestion will encourage more mobile users to consume your content and answer your calls to action. Content for mobile needs to be a little shorter than normal, more concise, and targeted. This type of content will also work well for every other users, so including a variety of content that works for both is easy.

Use Images Wisely and Creatively

Images are so important, they set the scene and draw attention to your content. People enjoy reading an infographic with lots of data, much more than they enjoy reading a boring blog post containing the same data. The infographic brings this type of content new life while imparting important information to your audience. Mobile devices have lower resolutions than computers for these images, though. Keep that in mind as you create your content so that your images are still viewable on mobile. Plus, don’t overload your site with irrelevant images. Choose which ones you use very carefully and ensure they are all optimized for loading speed.

Mobile access is highly important and rapidly changing, the more popular it becomes, the more important it will be to learn all you can, optimize your websites for mobile, and realize that new tools will be invented in the future for people to access your information. Will you be ready and able to cope?

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