Things to Keep in Mind with regards to Your Website Design

Anyone that knows me knows that I’ve been in the website design arena for twenty years now and in all this time, I’ve tried to specialize in making websites communicate better with target customer persona, resulting in higher conversions and more sales. In this article I’m going to share some basic information and if you would like to know how you can really give your own website a kick in the butt and get more leads, simply enter your name and email address in the box below any article and you can download instantly our guide to doing this.

Your website is not just designed to meet your own agenda, it needs to be designed to meet your target customers’ needs, and they will only visit it if you give them something worthwhile to make the visit worth it. Here are five things to keep in mind in your own website design tasks.

Content Is Content Isn’t it, and anything will be good enough.

Do you like to read boring, uninteresting content with no factual basis? Of course you don’t. When you add content to your website which is sloppy, boring and full of assumptions without any facts, it takes from the actual credibility of your website and stops your website converting visitors into leads, and these into purchasers. Always double and even triple check facts and proofread your content before you add it to your website. It is also worth noting that you want your most pulling content above the fold of your website, this way you engage your visitors without them having to scroll although some research I have read indicates that provided your website design engages more people than ever are willing to scroll down the page.

Your Website Design Should be User Friendly and Easy to Navigate.

5 Things to Keep in Mind with regards to Your Website Design

You want to try and anticipate a user’s habits when they are on your website and provide them with a website design they will find to be easy to use and eye appealing. We along with many other professional website designers will work out target customer persona’s and then for each persona we will work out a website flow, this means the website will be designed to allow people to easily find the information they need. People will understand the main idea of each page right away and can easily be directed to other related information right from that page. Images, photographs and graphics which are relevant to the topic should be used to further engage visitors.

Website Design Fonts and Colors

With website design a lot of people may not realize this, but a lot of thought goes into colors, fonts, font sizes and font colors because if you get it wrong you’ll turn more people away from your website than invite to come in and have a look. Have you ever visited a website where the design was so bad that the colors of the design and the fonts contrasted so badly that you struggled to read the text? Or the font used was so small that you need a magnifying glass to read anything. If you have, you’ll understand just how quickly you moved on to another website. You want to be sure your website design is easy on the eye, super easy to read and not to way out there, people expect certain things and often time, the best performing websites are those that give them exactly what they expect.

Make Sure the Main Website Design Sections Are Easily Defined and Easy to Access.

When a person visits your website you want to make it simple for them to navigate their way through its main sections. Since most websites offer top link navigation to the main sections, this is generally a good way to layout your site. And it’s common to have home on the left and contact us on the right, simply ensuring your website follows this common theme will increase its performance. However, you may choose to offer another type of navigation if doing so works best for the layout of your site and this is fine if it is done well. My advice however is to give people what they expect and they’ll find it much easier to navigate around your website, try to be too fancy and cute and you might win a website design award but your conversion rate will suck.

Make the Purpose of your Website Obvious

This is perhaps obvious to you, however looking over the number of websites I do, it’s not obvious to most people. Your website should have a consistent theme to it. If your site has more than one purpose then you want to figure out a way to tie it all in together so it makes sense and doesn’t confuse your visitors.

You also need to know what you want people to do and then tell them, if you want to collect email addresses, make it super obvious and give them something in exchange, if you are after a sale, make this obvious and make it super easy to complete the sale. Make it hard and people will get doubts about your business and they will more than often go elsewhere were the whole process is super easy.

5 Things to Keep in Mind with regards to Your Website Design
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