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How to Improve Your Website Home Page to Generate More Leads

If you think about it, your audience can enter your website and land on any page of your website. Your home page is therefore simply a landing page for those people who happen to find it. You should treat it just like any other landing page. You don’t want to leave people in the dark trying to figure out what to do. You wouldn’t do that if you created a landing

What Should Be on Your ECommerce Website

When you build an eCommerce website, there are some things that you need to ensure are on it. If you want to make sales from your eCommerce site, it’s imperative that you build a website that attracts your target audience, loads quickly, and presents your products in a way that makes your audience feel as if they really need them, with your website giving trust and assurance to your prospects.

Ways to Sell Physical Products Online

If you have physical products, depending on the type of product and your situation, you can sell them in a variety of ways online. It’s important not to rely on only one way to sell your products because you don’t know what can happen. Having said that, one of the ways will often be the best to help you promote your products. Set Up Your Own Website and Shopping Cart

Ensuring Your Website Works on Mobile

It’s so important that you build your site first and foremost for mobile. When you do that, it will work great on any platform. The simplicity of a mobile-first site still looks and works great when viewed on a desktop computer. Using responsive design with mobile first in mind for how you arrange and display the content, navigation, and calls to action, will make a huge difference in conversions. Make

Why Most Web Designers Fail Business Owners?

Did you know that almost eighty percent of business websites fail to give any meaningful return on investment? The solution most businesses come up with to solve this is to simply order a brand new website that looks pretty, this new website suffers the same fate as the old website in that it never really delivers, what was promised and eventually the cycle begins again and again. The problem is

Are Your Images Helping or Hurting Your Business?

These days, images are an essential part of marketing a business. There are so many different types and uses for images, it’s easy to develop a “scattershot” approach where you grab the first image you see and decide to use it. There are several problems with this, though – both in terms of your brand and with copyright issues. Let’s look at a few areas to consider. A Unified Look

WordPress Security Steps for Beginners

Keeping your WordPress website secure is very important, especially if its your business website. Think about all the hard work you’ve done to make your site active, engaging, and useful to your visitors. Think of all the effort that went into every single blog post and think of the trust you have built up with your audience. If you don’t want to waste your time, you do need to be

Where Is It Okay to Use Stock Photos and Where Should You Not Use Them?

Stock photos are an increasingly popular way for bloggers and other content creators to enhance their work, i know I have purchased thousands and thousands of them over the years. There are free and paid ones, often of very high quality and created by professional photographers who then grant a license for others to use their work. Stock photos can be used as illustrations for the content and as inspiration

What Makes a Great Logo?

There are a number of elements that set a great logo apart from the rest. When you are first starting out in business, it is easy to overlook this important aspect of your marketing. This can lead to poor results and the inability to brand your business clearly in the eyes of your target audience. If you have been in business for some time and either have no logo, or

How to Locate and Choose Reputable Plugins

It’s very important to ensure that the plugins you use are safe so that you don’t ruin your website or put your visitors at risk. Thankfully, there are loads of free and premium safe WordPress plugins that work great and add a lot of functionality to your WordPress site. Naturally, the best place to find WordPress plugins is via the website, but there are other ways to know if


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