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Are Your Images Helping or Hurting Your Business?

These days, images are an essential part of marketing a business. There are so many different types and uses for images, it’s easy to develop a “scattershot” approach where you grab the first image you see and decide to use it. There are several problems with this, though – both in terms of your brand and with copyright issues. Let’s look at a few areas to consider. A Unified Look

WordPress Security Steps for Beginners

Keeping your WordPress website secure is very important, especially if its your business website. Think about all the hard work you’ve done to make your site active, engaging, and useful to your visitors. Think of all the effort that went into every single blog post and think of the trust you have built up with your audience. If you don’t want to waste your time, you do need to be

Where Is It Okay to Use Stock Photos and Where Should You Not Use Them?

Stock photos are an increasingly popular way for bloggers and other content creators to enhance their work, i know I have purchased thousands and thousands of them over the years. There are free and paid ones, often of very high quality and created by professional photographers who then grant a license for others to use their work. Stock photos can be used as illustrations for the content and as inspiration

What Makes a Great Logo?

There are a number of elements that set a great logo apart from the rest. When you are first starting out in business, it is easy to overlook this important aspect of your marketing. This can lead to poor results and the inability to brand your business clearly in the eyes of your target audience. If you have been in business for some time and either have no logo, or

How to Locate and Choose Reputable Plugins

It’s very important to ensure that the plugins you use are safe so that you don’t ruin your website or put your visitors at risk. Thankfully, there are loads of free and premium safe WordPress plugins that work great and add a lot of functionality to your WordPress site. Naturally, the best place to find WordPress plugins is via the website, but there are other ways to know if

Can I Legally Use This Image? Understanding Creative Commons Options

The demand for images online is huge, everything seems to require an image. They are used to illustrate, market, create great packaging such as a book cover, DVD, product boxes, and more. Bloggers, website designers and graphic designers are on the lookout for great images all the time. If they have a tight budget, they will often go to free stock photo sites like Pixabay or visit Wikimedia Commons. Many

Top Questions to Ask Yourself before Installing a Plugin

WordPress offers so many ways to make a website look and perform in amazing ways. One of the items that make WordPress so useful is a plugin. A plugin is an additional software or code that adds functionality to the website. For example, if you are an affiliate marketer, you probably have certain products you mention often. What if they could automatically become affiliate links without having to add them

Five Websites for Learning about WordPress

If you’re going to use WordPress, it’s important to keep up to date about the software. By staying aware and continuing to learn everything you can about WordPress, you’ll improve your website exponentially. Even if you ultimately choose to outsource anything, you’ll still have enough knowledge to talk to the contractor about your needs and know whether you’re getting a fair deal or not. In addition to Website Designs, here

Using Visitor Data to Optimize Your Website

Did you know that the analytics you have installed on your website can help you optimize your website and boost conversion rates? Which basically means they can boast sales, leads and engagement. Think about the type of data that Google Analytics collects from your website visitors, and then you can see clearly how you can optimize your website for those visitors. Platform It’s important to know which platform your visitors

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Website – The Psychology

Changing the color of your website can boast sales and conversion rates. Color has the power to affect our emotions and we’re all emotional beings and make sales decisions based on these emotions. This means that choosing the colors of your website isn’t just a matter of going with your existing branding image, it’s got to be based more on what works best for you. Matching Your Niche to the


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