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Video Marketing – Ask for Feedback from Viewers

Content marketing is one of the few forms of marketing that allows you to actively monitor what is and what isn’t working, allowing you to make improvements and achieve better and better results. This applies to all forms of content marketing including video marketing and one of the best things you can do every time you put up a video, is to seek feedback from your audience. And believe it

12 Types of Video Marketing

Just like blogging when you start video marketing it’s important to use lots of different types of videos in your video marketing mix. You want your target audience to be excited about tuning into your videos because they know it well be well made, original, understandable and not always exactly the same. Here are twelve types of videos for video marketing to keep your audience interested and engaged. Expert Interviews

Content Marketing Strategy: Creating User Generated Content

User generated content seems to be one of the most recent buzz phrases to have gained popularity, it speaks of users creating content. Imagine having a website that becomes extremely popular, due to user generated content and all without you the owner, having to put in too much work to create this great content. But what is a user generated content exactly? How does it work? How can you encourage

Eight Tips to Successful Videos for YouTube

Once you understand who your target audience is, and you have some information to share with them that you know they will find engaging then YouTube is a great way to start and if you have a blog and you should, you can incorporate your videos there. The best way to start is to simply repurpose some of the content you already have, most businesses will have user manuals, how

Optimizing Video Blogs

It’s all too easy to start a video blog assuming that thousands of people are magically going to find you. Well they aren’t and all your hard work will be wasted, unless of course you promote your videos. And as we know SEO forms a worthwhile part of any online promotional campaign. Video search engine optimization is done is many ways, I’ll go through some of them here, but the

Video Marketing Tips for Creating Videos That Convert

Creating a personal video that not only looks great but also engages your audience and helps generate sales, is an art form. You not only have to create a great video that looks great and sounds great but you also need to get the viewer to take some form of action because of the message and engagement the video delivers. It’s often a balancing act between giving too much information

Tips for Using 5 Social Media Sites for Business

While face to face networking is still the best way to build relationships, social media has made it possible for even the worst recluse to be social. Even if you can’t get to any networking events at all, you can make use of different social networking sites to build lasting relationships. Here are five of the top social networking sites and some tips for using them to build your business

Video Marketing Optimization Tips to Get More People to View Your Videos.

Video marketing should be part of every content marketing company’s arsenal, it’s also a very effective form on online marketing that can get great results. Your target audience is much more likely to share a video than they are a text blog, and much more likely to comment on it and interact with it too. But, as with all content you have to get them found, and it’s important to

Gain Authority through Kindle Publishing

With the advent of Kindle Direct Publishing, becoming a published author is a lot simpler today than it used to be. While it is much harder to become an overnight success, making six-figures publishing books, it’s not difficult to use Kindle Direct Publishing as a way to gain authority within your niche. When you become a Kindle author you can fill out an Amazon Author’s profile and page. On the

Content Marketing: Using Video

Content marketing is much more than written articles and blog posts, video has become one of the driving forces in the content marketing arena. Just look at YouTube’s success to see that video content is a thriving entity in its own right. In fact it is possible to create a thriving business / blog using mostly video as your main type of content. If however you normally use just textual


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