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Common Teleseminar / Webinar Mistakes

If you want to have a successful teleseminar or webinar, it’s helpful to understand what mistakes are commonly made that cause them to be less successful than they should have been. By knowing the mistakes others have made, you can learn and avoid making the same mistakes. If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail Know what you’re going to talk about, have some notes written down so that

Ten Reasons to Do Webinars

Do you want to be able to attract a whole new audience online, do you want to be able to engage with your audience in a really personal way and bring in new potential leads from all around the world, or even just locally if that is what you want? Webinars have the ability to achieve this and much more, if you haven’t added hosting a Webinar to your marketing

Common Webinar Mistakes

I’ve started utilizing Google hangouts and in just a few short weeks I’ve learnt a lot and I must say it’s pretty addictive. I thought it might help you to know some of the most common webinar mistakes so that you can try to avoid them. You’re always going to make some mistakes, that’s life and it shouldn’t stop you from jumping in and utilizing the power of webinars in

How to Connect with Industry Influencers

Although you can make it in business on your own, connecting with industry influencers can make a huge difference. By attracting, fostering and building relationships with the big players in your niche, you’ll be seen by many as a potential influencer, you’ll be able to utilize their standing to help give you credibility and you’ll gain a number of other benefits. So what are “Industry Influencers?” Industry influencers are those

Eight Ways to Boost Your Creativity 

Everyone has the capacity to be creative in some way or another, some people are creative in the arts, others in business, and many others in other things. The thing you need to know about creativity is that everyone has the ability. It already exists inside of you, you need only figure out how to bring it out and boost your creativity. Be More Mindful There are a lot of


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