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Video Marketing – Ask for Feedback from Viewers

Content marketing is one of the few forms of marketing that allows you to actively monitor what is and what isn’t working, allowing you to make improvements and achieve better and better results. This applies to all forms of content marketing including video marketing and one of the best things you can do every time you put up a video, is to seek feedback from your audience. And believe it

Turn Support Questions and Forum Discussions into Videos

Turning your support questions, and forum discussions into videos should be pretty obvious, but to some people it’s not. An often undervalued and forgotten area to find video ideas is support questions and discussions in forums or Facebook groups. These areas offer exceptional ideas to spark new video ideas. Don’t forget also that we’re talking video here but the same applies to blog articles and any content you need for

Repurposing Old Blog Posts into Videos

When you first start thinking about incorporating videos into your content marketing mix, one of the best place to get ideas is from your own blog. If you have an active blog and you should, you can use the analytics from Google to figure out which blog posts are the most popular. You can use this information to help you come up with new ideas. Find out Which Post Are

Check Your Stats for Hot Pages on Your Site

Coming up with video topics for your video marketing efforts is easy if you have a website full of content, because one way to do this is to find out what topics are already popular on your website. What pages gets the most views? What pages get the most audience interaction? What blog posts get the most questions and comments? This information is extremely important because any time you have

Must-Have Software for Video Marketing

When you get stared with video marketing you will quickly realize that you need some sort of software to help you create, edit, and market the videos that you create. It might take a little technical knowledge or the willingness to outsource, but because video marketing is so effective it’s important to figure out what you need. YouTube Editor A good editor to use for those who don’t know how

Making the Most of Your Videos

If you want to maximize your video marketing efforts you should look at ways of repurposing the videos that you have created so that you can make the most of your hard work. Using videos in new and engaging ways can help generate more profits and help develop an enormous amount of content. Put Webinars on Auto Replay When you present a webinar, record it and put your recorded webinar

12 Types of Video Marketing

Just like blogging when you start video marketing it’s important to use lots of different types of videos in your video marketing mix. You want your target audience to be excited about tuning into your videos because they know it well be well made, original, understandable and not always exactly the same. Here are twelve types of videos for video marketing to keep your audience interested and engaged. Expert Interviews

Tools to Make Video Marketing Work

Utilizing tools to make video marketing easier is just darn useful to everyone involved in video marketing. Making videos can be time-consuming, but the payoff is incredible. Video is shared more often than text, and you can turn almost anything you have previously written into a video to share and market to your audience with just a little thought. Magisto This is a free video editor that you can use

Video Marketing Facts You Should Know

When adding video into you content marketing mix, there are a few facts you should be aware of. These will blow your mind because you’ll see after reading this that video is a super powerful way to market your business and all you need do, is get started. Shorter Videos Work Better For Video Marketing Keeping your video to two minutes or less is important because they are more likely

Eight Ways to Use Video Marketing

There are lots of ways to use video within your content marketing campaigns, there are lots more than I shall mention here, however these are some great ideas you can use when starting out using video for marketing your business. Let’s go over these ideas to help you figure out how you can fit them into your marketing mix. On Landing Pages The inclusion of videos on landing pages have


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