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Hashtag Horrors

There’s no doubt that hashtags are a major player in viral marketing and when used correctly, they can help gain huge momentum for a marketing campaign. You don’t have to look much further than #SFBatkid – a cancer fighter whose participation in an exciting, pre-planned Batman vs. Villains event proved so captivating that even President Obama became involved. The result for Make-A-Wish foundation was a phenomenal 1,800 hits per second

Visual Advertising Platforms

Nowadays, the internet is a vast visual platform for advertisement and marketing. In the old days, it was mostly a text-based platform but today it’s more visual. Not only that – it’s becoming more visual every single day as technology to deliver those types of files improves and broadband becomes more ubiquitous. Here are a few visual advertising platforms that you should use. Facebook Facebook is a great place to

Lookalike Audiences on Twitter

Trying to create the perfect audience is important, because marketing to the wrong audience may get you clicks but it won’t get you customers. Since you are paying for clicks, you want to only pay for the right clicks from your ideal audience. You can accomplish this with Twitter. There are special tools you can use to help you. Scrapers You can use a tool that “scrapes” or mines data

Eight Ways to Market Your Biz Online Cheaply

You’ve no doubt heard about businesses generating leads, sales and new customers online and chances are you’ve always associated these businesses with having large online marketing budgets. You however live in the real wold and you don’t have the budget needed to compete online. It is however possible for you to market your business online inexpensively, I know I do it, constantly. You can market your business for almost free

Learn How to Use Twitter and Get 100,000 Followers

I don’t hide the fact that I’m a massive fan of Twitter, whenever I am advising businesses on marketing I always ask, do you have a Twitter account? If they don’t I always suggest that they get one, and fast. Twitter is the number one social media source for driving traffic to your website. Let me expand on that so that there are no doubts, Twitter drives more people to

How You Can Easily Increase Traffic to Your Website

Many people mistakenly believe that the more website visitors they attract the more sales and leads they will generate, based on the misconception that more visitors equals more sales. Whereas what you actually need are more of your target audience to visit if you want to make more sales. If you haven’t already you might want to read this article on how to define your ideal client. Now that we

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

From my own personal experience I know that social media marketing is an excellent way to increase your businesses exposure and to generate website visitors, leads and money. However, there are also many common mistakes that people often make when engaging in social media marketing, if you find that you are making any of these, just remember it’s never too late to fix your social media marketing and make it

Ways to Take Advantage of Industry Experts

It’s often said that two heads are better than one, and this is especially true when those two heads are industry experts. It’s also true that if you can locate and be seen either in person or virtually with experts in a short time you will be perceived as an expert yourself. It’s also relatively easy to find industry experts, simply because they want to be known as experts and

Real-Time Search Strategies

It’s important to understand how search engines play an important role in your efforts to implement a successful real-time marketing strategy. Not only will you need to use search engines to search to find out what is happening within your community, but you want your audience to conduct searches and to find the real-time marketing content that you push out. Boost Your Facebook Posts When you are using real-time marketing

Ten Ways to Make Use of Online Communities in 2015

Building an online community, and participating in online communities, is an important way to market your business online that is going to really take off in 2015 and beyond. The technology has become so simple that anyone can start a community today. The trick is building one so that it is a productive and valuable extension of your business. Start Your Own Community If you start your own community focused


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