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Quality A/B Split Testing Tools That Don’t Cost a Fortune

A/B testing, or split testing, is an essential skill for most companies and business owners who wish to create high converting landing pages and websites that will generate more subscribers or sales. There are a number of tools that can help with this rather tedious and cumbersome process, enabling you to track two or more versions of the same page until an obvious winner emerges. There are a number of

Tracking the Effectiveness of Guest Blogging

When you are guest blogging, one of very first things you need to understand with absolute clarify is what are your goals are for guest blogging. Some typical goals are gaining authority, spreading awareness and building backlinks. But, in order to know whether or not you’re effective in reaching your goals, you’ll need to know how to measure them. Tracking Traffic To know if the backlinks are working to gain

Make Money From Your Blog Using This Formula

The idea of sitting on a beach, sitting by the pool or sitting in your local café working on your blog and earning a small fortune has widely been promoted by the press, it therefore has to be true, doesn’t it? Unfortunately creating a blog isn’t a “build it and they will come” solutions, it’s just the start and unless you have done your homework, it doesn’t matter how much

How to Use the “Dimensions” Report in AdWords

AdWords offers many different reporting capabilities that are of great help in ensuring that your PPC campaigns have the greatest return on investment. One such reports is the “dimensions” report, which offers insights into your audience such as demographics, paid versus organic search, which search terms are working, what time of day people are viewing your website, and much more. Using the Dimensions tab in AdWords is rather easy to

Using Your Blog to Build Your Email List

One of the most important aspects of having an active blog is to build your email list. You want almost everyone who visits your blog to feel compelled to sign up for your email list. The best way to accomplish this is to provide excellent, varied, regular and targeted content. Plus, ask them to sign up directly. Build Your Email List With Excellent Content For content to be excellent it

Who Uses Pinterest?

Pinterest tells us that according to their demographic data, almost seventy percent of their users are women between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-four, and about half of them have children. Consider that for a minute, if your business is marketing to this niche audience then you need to be using this social media network. Pinterest users spend roughly fifteen minutes per day on the website, they share a variety

Identifying Your Competitors’ Linkable Assets

As a business owner you understand how important it is to undertake regular market research however how often do, you actually do it, how often do you look at your competitors so that you can understand your market? Are your competitors doing anything similar to what you want to do, find out how they’re doing it, when they’re doing and what their results are from doing it. As a Website

Become an Expert in Your Niche

Become an Expert in Your Niche Anyone can call themselves an expert, in fact I know many that do simply as a marketing tactic, sadly for those they hook. What you should aim for is being perceived by others as the expert in your niche or the go to authority if you like. One of the reasons to produce and share content that you create is to become an expert

Writing Content While Dealing with Writers Block

Writing Content While Dealing with Writers Block Fresh content is important to your website. It will help you to drive more traffic to your site and well-written content will inform and entertain your visitors. When you put content of any kind on your site it needs to provide readers with some value. There will be times you find the words just flow from your fingertips without much thought. However, there


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