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Getting the Essential Elements Right in Your Presentation

Getting paid to speak in public is a fun, lucrative and legitimate career goal. But, to be sought after and respected in the speaking arena there are essential elements that you need to get right. Know Your Audience Even if you already have a speech prepared, it needs to be tweaked and changed to suit each audience that you present it to. This will help personalize your presentation for each

11 Ways to Improve the Customer Service Experience

As a business owner who serves customers, it’s imperative to find a way to focus on the customers’ experiences and how to make their experiences even better when dealing with your business. There is so much technology today to help smart business owners serve their customers in the way that the customer wants. If you want to be more customer centric (and if you’re smart you do want to be),

Understanding Digital Product Shelf Life

If you’ve ever wondered why the disappearing paper books causes some people concern, it’s possible that you may not understand that digital information has a shelf life. It might seem as if digital information is going to be there forever. But, as you save images, books, reports and other information, you have to remember that technology is growing at an astounding rate that will make the technology you’re reading this

Start-Up Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Honestly, these tips work for both women and men. However, due to how our society perceives women versus men, it’s important for women to know when they’re falling into a stereotype of being quiet, asking permission, and otherwise seeking the approval of others to be successful. You don’t need to do that. Sixty-eight percent of new businesses are started by women. Women are successful business owners and have been for

How to Choose the Right Online Classes for You

There are so many choices for online courses today that they can become overwhelming. There are ways to figure out which online classes are for you, though, if you sit down and ask yourself a few important questions. Is the Course Legitimate? When you’ve discovered a course about something you’re interested in, ask yourself if this course is put out by someone who truly knows and understands what they are

Boost Sales by Adding This to Your Funnel

As a small business owner or internet marketer chances are you are always looking for ways to improve your sales. One of the first things people often change is their sales funnel, the aim being to make it much more effective. Let’s have a look at some of the things you can add to your sales funnel to improve it and boost your sales. Personalization One-size-fits-all sales funnels are outdated

Who Are Millennial Consumers?

Pew Social Trends (pewsocialtrends.org) defines millennials as people born between 1980 and the year 2000. But, it’s how you were raised, and your familiarity with the culture into which you were born, which truly defines whether not you’re a true millennial. Yes, you have to be born between 1980 and 2000 to fit in to that demographic, but the other traits shared by millennials are important too. They Grew Up

Real-Time Marketing Tools for 2016

Real time marketing was popular in 2015, however it is set to explode and hit new heights of popularity in 2016. The main reason for this is that technology and high speed internet access have made it super easy for anyone to conduct streaming chats, share messages and much more. If you’re not using any of these tools in your business yet, it’s difficult to come out from behind your

Repurposing Old Blog Posts into Videos

When you first start thinking about incorporating videos into your content marketing mix, one of the best place to get ideas is from your own blog. If you have an active blog and you should, you can use the analytics from Google to figure out which blog posts are the most popular. You can use this information to help you come up with new ideas. Find out Which Post Are

How Mobile Marketing Affects Paid Advertising

This year sales of tablets alone are expected to pass computers, if you then consider all of the other mobile devices you can see why the mobile devices marketplace is so important and has to be taken into consideration with regard to paid advertising. With over two billion consumers using mobile devices, it’s time to pay close attention. How Is Your Target Audience Using Mobile? You need to learn how


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