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The Pros and Cons of Buying Email Mailing Lists

Have you ever considered purchasing an email marketing list? It’s something a lot of businesses think they have to do to boast their marketing efforts. But while there are a possibly a few pros, the trust is, the cons far outweigh any pros to buying an email mailing list. It’s so easy to find your audience today using social media platforms like Facebook, so much so that there is no

8 Business Growth Strategies That You Can Implement Today

When you are seeking to grow your business, make sure you first understand the various ways that you can grow. You can get more of the market share, you can expand your offerings, and you can form alliances with or acquire other businesses. 1. Market Penetration This strategy involves increasing your product’s market share. This can be done in a number of ways, from improving sales pages and conversions to

Native Advertising Opportunities for Your Business

As you consider adding native advertising opportunities to your business or using native advertising to get more business, it’s important to look at the different ways that you can incorporate native ads – as well as use the content that you create for native ads. After all, the ability to repurpose content across all channels is important for most marketers, in order to stretch their budgets. For most small businesses,

Which Social Media Platform Will Provide the Highest ROI?

You no doubt work hard to build credibility, awareness, authority and to make sales on your chosen social media platforms, however to succeed you need to identify the best social media investments for the highest “Return on Investment” (ROI) for your business. Unlike many ROI measurements with social media you need to realize that you cannot use profits to judge and measure ROI of social media. Why? Simply because people

Social Strategies That Work Long Term

Mention social media marketing to almost anyone and they automatically think that all it involves is posting a few updates on various social media platforms and perhaps blogging a few times per week. There is obviously a lot more to it, if there wasn’t we’re all have hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and we’ve all be fulfilling our social media marketing goals. In order to develop implementable strategies

Outreach Funnel: Finding Influencers and Power Users

One of the perceived easiest ways to become more successful online is to reach out to influencers and power users and towards developing relationships with them. When you learn about marketing, you start to realize that your job is essentially to create the content that drives people to your basic marketing funnel so that it remains full of prospects from your target audience. The Basic Marketing Funnel At the widest

How to Run Powerful Advertising Campaigns without Breaking the Bank

We have all wasted money on advertising however modern technology does allow almost anyone to run a powerful advertising campaign without it breaking the bank. You can utilize many different networks to focus your advertising campaign whilst they are low cost but highly effective. Pick a Network You have a few different choices when selecting a low cost network, with which to spend your advertising budget. The most popular and

Master the Art of Storytelling

One of the most powerful ways of promoting your business is to learn the ability to tell and really engage your audience with your brand story in a multitude of ways to all segments of your audience, in ways that causes your audience to want to take action and get something done. Since the dawn of humanity, one of the best ways we get motivated to accomplish things is through

Big Numbers Do Not Equal Big Profits

There are thousands, in fact more…. Countless so called “internet” famous people who aren’t making a cent off of their fame. But there are also a smaller group of individuals who have managed to take their small following and develop a revenue generating business out of it. What have they discovered? It has to do with the fact that fame is not a guaranteed way to financial success, but planning


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