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Continual Learning For Long Term Business Success

When it comes to starting your business as long as you have the skills your business needs, it matters little how much or how little formal education you have, however to succeed in business you need to understand that continual learning is part of the game. Without the willingness to keep learning, you’ll get overtaken by others who are willing and open to keep learning. Change is part of the

Women Moving Up the Marketing Ladder

Marketing is essential to every business, large or small. Sure, you can set up shop and hope for the best, but chances are you won’t be in business very long. No matter how great your business is, you have to promote it. The statistics show that woman-owned businesses are growing in number. But they’re also growing in size. More and more of them are grossing millions, and even billions, of

Increase Selling Power with the Right Words

People love information. If you give them something interesting to read, you can direct them anywhere you choose. Your selling power will experience an increase more than you thought possible. You are offering quality products or services that you want to sell to the general public to add quality to their lives. The problem is that if the competition is saying the same thing, what will make them choose you?

5 Ways To Use LinkedIn To Get More Visitors

All successful businesses require a consistent flow of new leads. One of the best sources for those leads is LinkedIn, the world’s largest business social network. Each month LinkedIn attracts 184 million unique visitors. That’s a lot of potential customer’s no matter what industry you are in. (1) Many people who try marketing on LinkedIn make one of two mistakes. One group of marketers are overly promotional. They join groups


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