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How Your Personal Story Can Attract Clients

Mankind has for thousands of years past information down the ages with stories and telling the best story of why you do what you do, can attract clients. In fact, telling your story can do a much better job of client attraction than listing the features of the work you do. The secret to success is weaving the story you tell, with the solutions you provide and how that benefits

Think Outside the Box To Solve Problems

Some people are just naturally gifted, they seem to be able to think big, dream big and are great big picture thinkers, and some people are not so fortunate and are not able to see outside of the box they have created for themselves. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can learn to help you think outside of the box and see the bigger picture, so that you can

Illustrating Problems and Solutions with the Written Word

There is a certain power in visual communication that’s why you often hear sayings such as a picture is worth a thousand words, this power isn’t always present with just words. But, words are how we often describe the visual elements, define problems, and develop and describe solutions. Therefore, if you are mindful you absolutely can use the written word to illustrate problems and solutions in a way that your

How to Hire a Content Writer

How to Hire a Content Writer The trouble with content marketing is that producing content yourself can be difficult and time consuming when you’re actually trying to run your business as well. There are solutions to creating content that don’t involve you having to sacrifice all of your free time or that take you away from your main business activities. For those with some time to spare you could look

Four Software Choices for Coaches 

Life coaches help their clients with goal setting, decision making, and problem solving – usually on a one-to-one basis. They can help with business, work, and just normal life. Coaches work on one problem at a time, finding solutions instead of working on deep psychologically issues. Even though life coaching is a very personalized business, there are many software options to help any life coach, no matter their specialty, make


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