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How to Choose Which Software You Need

No matter what business you are in, all businesses have five main segments: Products and Services The value you create for your customers Marketing How you attract the attention of your audience to build demand for the value you’ve created Sales Taking leads generated by your marketing efforts and turning them into paying customers Delivery Keeping promises made in your marketing and sales efforts when you deliver the value to

Which Legal Structure Is the Right One for My Business?

There are several different types of legal set-ups for you to choose from. Each have their own set of rules, advantages, and disadvantages. Here is a quick overview of business structures you can choose from. * Sole proprietorship. You should only have this type of business if it is just you that is running your business and is responsible for its success or failure. That doesn’t mean you can’t hire

What are the Different Business Legal Structures?

There are several common legal structures that you can set your business up under. Which one you chose is going to depend on what kind of business you are setting up, who else is involved in this plan with you, your own personal preferences, among several other factors. Here is a quick overview of your options. Sole Proprietorship This is still the most common type of business structure, particularly for


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