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Incorporating Keywords to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

As with all social media platforms online, it’s important especially important with LinkedIn to utilize keywords to improve your chances of being found by LinkedIn internal search engine, thus sending you targeted visitors. However, it’s also equally important not to use too many keywords so that your profile turns real visitors off because it is no longer engaging the people that find it. You need to learn how to use

Getting Started in Social Media

Starting out in social media marketing can be both daunting and exciting. On the one hand you have a fresh start for your business online; a blank page to be filled, and on the other hand, blank pages can cause writer’s block and cause you indecision. It really important to realize that first impressions count just as much online as they do in what we have come to know as

Social Media Customer Service

Social media is a way for businesses to build relationships with their customers, increase brand awareness, market their products and to also provide excellent customer service. Social media is the new word of mouth marketing, in its word of mouth marketing on steroids. When I started networking or word of mouth marketing, it was typically done behind closed doors. Now you can see how your brand gets known via the

How to Get More Customers Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest public accessible database of business professionals in the world and utilizing it to get more customers is essentially what LinkedIn is designed to do. Unfortunately you cannot just create any old profile if you actually complete one fully, disappear for extended periods and expect new customers to magically appear and come your way. Whereas what you need to do is create an awesome profile and

Creating Content for Social Media

When I was taught how to market and sell, everything was focused on your target audience and trying to connect and engage them in the places they hang out. Well, today that means social media as everyone it seems is hooked on social media. In your content marketing endeavors you will therefore need to create content for social media. Social media content is any content that you will use for

Content Marketing and Link Baiting

“Link baiting” is a term often used to describe one of the best and most effective forms of link building and despite having earned something of a bad reputation, it’s nevertheless an extremely powerful tool when used ethically. What is Link Baiting? Link baiting is the process of creating content that is designed to attract or generate organic leads from your audience. In other words, it means that the content

Using Social Media to Build Your Online Presence

Perception is everything, especially online and as a business owner this means your online presence is perhaps your most important method to market your business both locally and internationally if you wish. It doesn’t matter if your business is online or not, it has to be represented online and today we’re going to discuss the importance of social media and how a business should establish its identity online. Ensure that

Developing a Content Marketing Mindset

When I first got involved in marketing we used to utilize all of your typical push marketing methods however as technology has developed so has marketing and so have people’s expectations. Nowadays if someone wants to find out something, wants to research a purchase or even find a supplier what do they do? They go online, today marketing is really all about online content. It doesn’t matter what type of

Are You Missing Out on Mobile Revenue?

Mobile devices now access the Internet more often than computers and as mobile will continue to outshine computers in the content delivery marketplace, its’ important to be aware that if you’re not ready for mobile, you’re already losing out on potential revenue. Being ready for mobile for many means building a responsive website, the next thing however is to determine how to monetize mobile for your specific niche. Understand What

How to Start Networking on LinkedIn

I’m a big fan of LinkedIn, it’s a business focused social media network that everyone in business should be an active participant of. It’s important to take LinkedIn serious, but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to get started even if your business isn’t as popular as some of the others you will find on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has over 322 million users, with forty percent of these users logging


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