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Understanding Parallel Trends and How Best to Profit from Them

I’ve talked about the importance of selecting a niche for your business, today I’m going to discuss paying special attention to trends within your chosen niche, as it gives you many opportunities to increase profits. If you’re not aware of parallel trends within your niche, then it’s time to look into them. An example would be if your niche is DIY (do it yourself) repurposing furniture, there might be a

Tracking Your Niche Marketing Success

There is a lot more to tracking your niche marketing success than simply tracking your nett income. In fact, it’s imperative if you want to consistently improve your income, that you track metrics outside of income alone. It’s the one way that you have to improve your marketing efforts exponentially because if you know where you are, you can then figure out ways to get to where you want to

Has Outbound Marketing Been Replaced with the Power of Inbound Marketing?

There is no doubt that marketing strategies have changed significantly over the past several years. Companies of all sizes seem to be making a dramatic shift away from standard outbound marketing tactics, such as cold calling, email campaigns and direct mailings, and towards greater inbound marketing strategies that include SEO campaigns, content market, and, of course, social media marketing. Best of all, consumers are even responding well to these new

Trade Secrets to a More Successful Blog

Trade Secrets to a More Successful Blog You’ve all heard from me about content marketing and the need to write content and post it on your website, however to be effective and to maximize your returns you need to have a plan about what you’re going to produce content on, what format this content will be in and what your goals are, without knowing the point (goals) of your content

Get More Out of Your Social Media Marketing

Get More Out of Your Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is an extremely effective means of getting your message out about your products and services. However it’s clear that most small business owners are not using social media marketing to its full advantage, most seem to think that social media marketing consists of sharing a few posts each day, but nothing could be further from the truth. Complete Social

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using LinkedIn

Everyone in business should be a member of Linkedin because Linkedin is a powerful networking community of business professionals. And as it’s full of professionals it’s the last place on earth you want to screw up, it’s not like Facebook where sharing what you ate for lunch or telling everyone you have been to the gym seem to be the norm. Linkedin is a place to share professional updates and


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