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Promote Your Blog Posts Proudly

You have no doubt heard that content marketing is all about creating great content that attracts and engages your audience. For the most part this is true, however simply publishing content these days isn’t enough, and there is no such thing as “build it and they will come” not if you want to maximize your results. If you want to have a successful blog you’re going to have to spend

As a Business Owner How Does Content Marketing Work

Content marketing is the latest marketing buzz word, lots of businesses are producing as much content as they can with the aim of marketing their businesses. The trouble with content is simple, it’s just content and without a well-defined purpose all it does is add to the plenitude of content already on the Internet. Give content a purpose and tailor it so that it achieves that purpose in the eyes

How To Blog on LinkedIn and Generate Leads

LinkedIn long form publishing offers all LinkedIn users a tremendous opportunity to attract their target audience to them and then to convert them into customers and then into raving fans that help spread the word. Let’s look at how you do this, shall we? The LinkedIn Trap When you start to publish articles on LinkedIn you have to decide if your goal is to generate leads, new connects and ultimately

Eleven Tips for Writing Engaging Blog Content That Works

Blogs form the backbone of a content marketer’s toolkit, which means everyone that wants to succeed with content marketing had better understand exactly how to write captivating blog content. Every blog post has three sections, which are the introduction, the body and a conclusion, you make have heard the saying that you have to tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them and then tell them again. Essentially

How to Create Better Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is perhaps the oldest form of marketing that exists, not only that it’s still one of the most effective forms of marketing. It’s just common sense that when someone you know tells you about a great product or great service this word-of-mouth marketing outperforms other forms of advertisements. How to increase Word-of-Mouth Marketing Ask for Referrals If you want your current customers or contacts to give you referrals,

Real-Time Marketing Your Secret Weapon

If you’re involved in marketing in any shape whatsoever you should understand the importance of understanding your target audience or as others call it, your typical buyer persona. Now imagine this on steroids, imagine the ability to market to individuals “on the fly” with real time marketing messages. Imagine being able to send messages to each individual audience member that’s relevant to their needs and interests right then. If you

What’s the Difference between Owned, Paid, and Earned Marketing Strategies.

As a business owner when you are choosing different marketing strategies to implement, it’s important to understand the choices you have and how they differ from each other. You basically have three choices when it comes to marketing, namely “paid,” “owned” and “earned” media and you’ll most likely use a combination of all of these, for the best results. Paid Media This consists of promoted posts, promoted updates as in

Want to be a Social Media Consultant

Thousands of Social media consultants seem to have sprung up overnight almost in fact as the plague of poor search engine optimization consultants is ending so the rise of poor quality social media consultants seem to be rising. Mainly because businesses now understand the importance of social media within their marketing mix and the demand for good social media consultants currently far out strips the supply. Typical consultants will typically

Using LinkedIn For Business Success

As a business owner you should have accounts with all of the social media channels, and especially LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows business owners to increase their reach beyond who they know, to who their friends know. Remember the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”? Well if you don’t this was a game that purports that everyone on the planet is connected by six degrees of separation. You could find a path


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