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How to Secure Electronic Payments

Ensuring that your customer electronic payments are secure is very important because if anything goes wrong, consumers will lose trust in your business. There could also be high financial costs now and in the future, due to the lack of trust consumers will have for your business if word gets out. How Payments Work Electronic payments all go through the same type of system. Whether it’s a card used in

What Is Native Advertising?

It’s hard to believe, but there is a lot of disagreement about what exactly native advertising is. The truth is, native advertising has been around a long time, but the form is improving by leaps and bounds and becoming less salesy as consumers become savvier. The idea behind native adverting is that it draws in the consumer as any other content you offer them, entertains them, engages them and offers

Using Visuals and Copyright Laws

When you start using visual marketing to promote your blog, it is important to learn about the laws surrounding using images. There are many misconceptions and if you have any misunderstanding and you violate a copyright law (knowingly or unknowingly), it can cost a lot of money. You don’t want that, so read and learn. Yes, You Can Be Sued Using a copyrighted image without permission can cost you a

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drop Shipping

Drop shipping can be a wonderful business model to take part in if you don’t want to worry about physically shipping or storing products. But, there are some issues you should watch out for too. It’s not all a simple hands-off dreams come true. As long as you’re careful, though, you can build a great drop shipping business. Drop Shipping Pros: No Stocking Inventory One of the drawbacks of selling

Understanding and Adopting a Successful Business Mindset

Being truly successful in business requires a mental set of skills. Sure, you need a talent. Having a natural ability to excel at something is a great advantage when it comes to success. You also need to be unique. The product or service that you offer to the world has to stand apart from the rest of the products or services available in the marketplace. However, real success in business

The Motivated Closer

Why are you in business? That may seem to be a slightly personal question, but it’s one every entrepreneur need to ask themselves. Why? Well, the answer to the question reveals quite a lot about the outlook of the person answering. You see, some people might say “Well, I’m in business to provide the highest quality products to my customers.” While that’s a noble sentiment, it’s also just that –

How You Approach a Sale Matters When it comes to Closing a Sale

If you’re in business, one of your main activities is making sales, sales leads to profits and without profits you won’t have to worry about sales too long as your business will go out of business. Sales is that vital to your business success, and if you accept that it is then it’s important to decide on the best ways your business can approach your target audience with offers. Depending

How to Develop a Content Marketing Calendar

A content marketing calendar is a must if you want to be effective with your content marketing efforts. A content calendar will help you plan out the content you need to create, it will help you publish content at the right time, on the right channel in order to promote the events, products, services and information that your target audience needs whist fulfilling your business objectives. The main point of

How to Tell Your Unique Story

Your businesses unique story is what separates and differentiates you from everyone else. Without it you’re just one more solution for the same old problem that your audience has to choose from and without something that grabs people’s attention and says I’m different all people have to choose on is price. Unless you’re running a dollar store or are well known for low prices, you don’t want your audience to

The AIDA Formula Turning Your Audience Into Buyers

Every business niche has its own acronyms, often a tried and tested formula has its own acronym so that people can easily remember it. One of the most common is the 5 P’s which stands for “proper preparation prevents poor performance, however there are many niche specific and today we are going to focus on one that the advertising industry use. AIDA which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action,


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