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The Basics of SEO

Way too many business owners are hung up on search engine optimization and wanting to appear top of the main search engines for their chosen normally highly sought after keyword phrase. On top of this these business owners expect to purchase a website, not have too much to do with the design and content creation and for it just to sit there and never be updated by them, but it

Three Top Hacks for Driving More Traffic to Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is a great way to get a website up and running fast. Free, flexible, and endlessly customizable, it is suitable for both large and small projects. Whether you are developing a small personal blog, setting up a media-rich portfolio site, or in charge of managing a major corporate website, WordPress can make your job easier and your work more powerful. With tens of millions of sites currently running the

Five Great Marketing Tools to Be On the Lookout For

With the growing number of people who are getting into online marketing, it’s getting more competitive each day. Online marketers must work hard to stay ahead of the game. New Internet trends emerge faster than you can blink, and by staying on top of them, your business will flourish. There are tons of tools that online marketers can use to get their messages across and keep their sites at the

Blogging about Our Business

Those who do business online have a wealth of promotional tools at their disposal. They can join online networking groups, participate in forums, hold teleconferences, and much more. But one of the best and simplest ways to promote a business is by blogging. Once primarily a medium for everyday people to express themselves, blogging has become a powerful tool for businesses. It’s very inexpensive, requiring only a domain and a


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