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Are You a Born Sales Professional

Have you ever looked at a sales professional and thought to yourself, that person was just born to be a sales person. Would you say this about yourself or is becoming a true sales professional something you are struggling with? While many people think that a certain types of people are born to work in sales, it’s not really a genetic quality preprogrammed into any of us. Becoming an awesome

The Top Qualities of Sales Professionals – #sales

True sales professionals that are amongst the top producing sales people in the world all demonstrate certain qualities. You will have first-hand experience of encountering all kinds of sales professionals, there are those you will have viewed as just overbearing and pushy and others who you see as being really helpful. Which type of sales professional would you prefer to be? Now think of all of the qualities that go

Where to Find New Prospects #sales

One of the major problems experienced by many sales professionals is in finding a constant stream of good quality prospects. While some businesses provide leads for their sales team, others don’t. Imagine what would happen if you could come up with your own prospects regardless of wither your business helps you with this or not. You could literally become one of top sales professionals in your company, and your actions

Three Things That Will Cause You to Lose a Sale – #sales

Becoming a true sales professional involves an awful lot of work, you have to be a technician who understands all of the specifications of the products you sell, as well as the engineers who designed it. You have to be a psychologist who can extract, read and understand a customers’ needs and wants, in most cases better than the customers themselves. You have to be the social host who can

What is it that Drives Business?

Business is the economic engine that drives progress and innovation forward, provides for material and creature comforts and not only makes civilization possible but also helps it constantly evolve. This is all well and good, you no doubt understand how important business is, but a better question is perhaps, what is it that drives business? You might point to the products and services businesses provide as the power that moves

8 Deadly Sins of Closing a Sale

I used to work in the Middle East as a sales manager, this involved traveling all around the Middle East to our various offices and working with the sales professionals to help them, close sales. Training them and helping them personally develop, whilst all the time pushing for targets to be achieved. This was almost twenty years ago and although I’ve switched industries my love affair with sales, sales techniques


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