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Guest Blogging – How to Approach a Blog Owner

One of the best ways to get known as a blogger is by guest blogging on popular blogs, this can help spread awareness as well as helping build up your reputation as someone knowledgeable and someone with authority within your niche. But first you need to know the best way to approach a blog owner with your pitch, there are some pitfalls to avoid and some ways to frame your

Challenges of Multi-Channel Marketing

When it comes to marketing nothing offers a greater return than multi-channel marketing, it doesn’t matter what your product is. If you’re not sending your marketing messages to multiple channels, in multiple ways you’re going to miss a large proportion of your target audience. Reaching more of your audience translates into better engagement which in turn results in higher profits. But along with these profitable opportunities comes greater challenges. Keeping

Five Conversion Killers

Is your website, landing page or sales page generating as many sales and leads and you expected or is it turning away potential buyers. I’ve spent years studying this and I’ve detailed just five of the most common conversion killers below, if you website is suffering with any of these you might want to fix it super-fast so that you can see the sales number increase. Nothing is as important

Using Integrated Media Solutions that Increase Your Brand Awareness

What do you need to increase awareness of your brand? Some magic potion? A social media genie? What would it take to increase your traffic while raising awareness of your brand? With so many ideas out there, it’s hard to know what is best.  Traditionally, people have used more “salesy” techniques to bring in traffic. But the reality is that doesn’t work anymore. People are bombarded with sales messages. You


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