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What Business Networking Is… and What It’s Not

There is a lot of talk these days about business networking. It’s easier than ever to find and interact with like-minded people, who may also be worthwhile business associates, customers, clients and potential partners. Meetup groups, Facebook groups, networking events at the local level held by your Chamber of Commerce, or large – even global – networking events held at resorts or in stadiums are but a few of the

How to Make Your Email Autoresponder Messages More Memorable

The aim of every email marketing professional is to make email marketing messages memorable, which means you need to focus on your audience whilst also aiming to promote your products and services in a way that appeals to them. You want your audience to remember you after they close your email, especially if they have chosen not to click through on your call to actions. Creating memorable emails is as

Simple Ways to Increase Your Seminar’s Value

Offering your audience an important online seminar on a topic of interest to them will grow your business in ways that you may not have considered. But, it’s not just about having a seminar; it’s about giving your audience a seminar that they won’t soon forget, and then remembering that it’s not over just because the seminar is over. Invite Popular Guest Speakers You can increase the value of your

Three Ways to Win Over Your Customers Online

Being the proprietor of an online business, you may have noticed the competition getting a little more aggressive. In these tough economic times, all business owners need to find and keep their customers coming to them instead of the underdog. It might just be the right time to start winning your online customers over with these handy tips. 1) Attractive web design, informative content and easy website navigation are all


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