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How to Work with a Subject Matter Expert

Working with an Subject Matter Expert will help you create better services and products for your audience. The reason is that you’ll get the right information at the right time from the right people, so that your audience knows it’s the real thing. Get Started Right Always be polite to your SME so that you can make them want to be around you to talk to you about the topic.

How to Choose the Right Online Classes for You

There are so many choices for online courses today that they can become overwhelming. There are ways to figure out which online classes are for you, though, if you sit down and ask yourself a few important questions. Is the Course Legitimate? When you’ve discovered a course about something you’re interested in, ask yourself if this course is put out by someone who truly knows and understands what they are

Learn from Every Mistake to Avoid Repeating It

One of the most important things you can do is to learn from not only your mistakes but also other people’s mistakes. That’s why they say that in business that you shouldn’t seek to always reinvent the wheel but instead to improve upon it. There is no reason why you can’t learn from those who went before you, and then add to it to make it better. Repeating mistakes is

Top 7 Traits of a True Entrepreneur / Business Leader

There are some common traits found in successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. You most likely have some of these traits already and those you don’t can be developed if it’s a goal of yours to become a successful business leader. Oh, and remember you don’t have to lead an army of employees to reap the benefits of learning these skills. The top seven traits of a successful business leader include:

Basic Components of Service Provider Business Contracts

When you enter into a working relationship with anyone, it’s very important to have some form of contract. Each contract will vary greatly depending on the type of services you provide, but in general every contract needs these basic components. Detailed Description of the Services You Will Provide It’s essential to very clear here and describe the services that will be provide. The more detail you can put in this

How to Write Effective Content for Content Marketing

Content marketing works based on the principle of regularly creating content that engages, attracts and gives real value to your audience, this makes them want to read your content and they will seek it out. Further by continually providing value your content also helps convert your audience into customers because let’s face it, without the marketing part all we have is lots of content. By adding lots and lots of

How To Create a Solid Content Marketing Plan #infographic

If you want to succeed at content marketing you need to develop your own content marketing plan as this will help ensure that every piece of content that you create has a reason for existing whilst also helping you achieve your business goals.. My two favorite content marketing quotes. The purpose of content is to tell a story that attracts and engages your audience, the purpose of marketing is to

The Right Way to Do Content Marketing

If you are content marketing correctly your audience doesn’t even realize they are receiving a marketing message. By creating content that is unique, has your specific voice or style, shares your own opinion and that imparts new ideas without forgetting the reason why the content exists, will ensure you will always be successful in the content marketing arena.   Let’s look at the components that make up properly crafted content

Ten Reasons a Membership Website Is Lucrative 

I’m a member of two or three membership type websites and I’ve often wondered if I should start one. I know of people that are making a great living by running a membership website and I believe that with the right plan you can make a full time living only by adding membership to your product range. Personally I love the residual income that membership websites offer and it also


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