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Tips for Profitable Video Placement

There are a number of ways to place your videos in such a way as to increase their popularity and profitability. There are also several issues that can stop your video content from being delivered to your target audience. Knowing what they are, can help you to avoid them. Pop-Ups Some people opt for pop-up players, which seem attractive but can cause all sorts of browser issues. Flash Issues Not

Listening Techniques of Great Customer Support Staff

When it comes to good listening techniques, the first thing you can do is help everyone to understand the point of listening. We listen to get information, to understand that information, to learn new information and to enjoy our interaction with the person. Listening doesn’t have to be hard if you know what to do. Listen between the Lines Oftentimes people who reach out to customer support are already angry.

Nine Tips on How to Create Your Own Success

Whether you like it or not, you are responsible for your own success. How you see the world, and the confidence you feel will make all the difference when you realize how much power you really do have to create success for yourself. But, you should also remember that no person is an island. Surround yourself with successful people who have what you want and you’ll automatically create a situation

How Often Should You Attend Networking Events?

Networking events are wonderful ways to learn more about your industry, get to know movers and shakers, and even become a mover and a shaker. There are many reasons to attend networking events that you should consider. But, if any one event doesn’t fulfill at least a couple of these factors, then there is no need to go. Attend as many events as you can afford and that you’ve researched,

Common Outsourcing Mistakes

We’ve all heard that outsourcing is a great way to find the expert help that you need, working the hours that you want, whenever you need them. It’s also a great way for any business to expand and contract as needed during busy and lean times. But, as you can imagine there are some common outsourcing mistakes that you will definitely want to avoid. Focusing on Cost While cost is

How to Come to a Win-Win Agreement

Finding fair compromise when negotiating a deal can be a daunting task, especially if you’re dealing with a volatile issue. But one thing power negotiators all know is that you have to give a little to get a little. Sometimes you have to make concessions when required and often expected in order to reach an agreement. Both of you lose a little, but this is considered a win-win agreement as

How to Become Popular When Joining a New Group

As business owners we all know that networking with other business owners is one of the best ways to grow your business and more importantly your support network. However joining a new business networking group can be daunting because all of the existing members know one another and are used to networking with the other members. There may be cliques, and other things in play, but there are a few

What is Your Leadership Style?

Knowing your leadership style can help you in many areas of your life and career choices. Styles of leadership differ from person to person and involve your style of implementing strategies, how you motivate others and how you provide direction to followers. Some styles of leadership to study are: Paternalistic – As you might have guessed, the paternalistic style of leadership is becoming a “father figure” for your followers –


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