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Remember the Call to Action

Ask anyone involved with online marketing and the one thing they will all agree upon is that nothing is more important that your call to action (CTA). The CTA informs your audience of what it is you want them to do. Usually when it comes to CTAs, less is more, you want your audience to have just one or two choices of action to take. On YouTube Video for example,

Creating a Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing is all about creating content that attracts and engages your audience and gets them to do something they would not necessarily do otherwise. If you think about it everything about online marketing requires content. You need content for you Facebook, LinkedIn and all social media posts, for blog posts, guest blogging, eBooks and a whole lot more. Utilizing many different types of content helps in different places you

Eight Ways to Use Video Marketing

There are lots of ways to use video within your content marketing campaigns, there are lots more than I shall mention here, however these are some great ideas you can use when starting out using video for marketing your business. Let’s go over these ideas to help you figure out how you can fit them into your marketing mix. On Landing Pages The inclusion of videos on landing pages have

Why Your Business Needs Online Marketing

Let’s face it almost everyone now searches online (over 90%) before buying anything worthwhile, and did you know that approximately 40 percent of searches actually result in offline purchases locally. You need to think about these facts for a moment because they are extremely important if you are a business owner. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, were you market your products or services, you can benefit

Eight Ways to Market Your Biz Online Cheaply

You’ve no doubt heard about businesses generating leads, sales and new customers online and chances are you’ve always associated these businesses with having large online marketing budgets. You however live in the real wold and you don’t have the budget needed to compete online. It is however possible for you to market your business online inexpensively, I know I do it, constantly. You can market your business for almost free

Common Online Marketing Mistakes

Mention online marketing to any business owner and they are sure to have an opinion, ranging from knowing how to do it, not knowing a thing and everything in between. Online marketing is not all that different from any other type of marketing if you think about it, all that is different is the tool. The way you approach it and go about it isn’t all that different. You need

Can You Prove Content Marketing Works?

Content marketing often referred to as inbound marketing or authority marketing is a method of marketing that works on the principle that you if produce enough content correctly, then this content will attract your audience to you, engage them and establish your business as an authority in its niche and will generate sales, leads and business opportunities. This is how I explain content marketing: The purpose of content is to

Nine Types of Online Marketing

If you want to maximize your businesses marketing opportunities online, there are many different types of marketing that you need to understand. Each type of online marketing requires specialist knowledge, skills and flare to ensure that it is effective. In this article I share an overview of the different types of online marketing that you should know about. Search Engine Optimization Commonly abbreviated to SEO, this type of marketing falls

How to Make Money as a Blogger

Blogging is a dream job for many. Write a couple of pages of text, from a sandy beach in some sort of romantic fantasy to the sound of ocean waves and sit back, soak up the sun and watch the cash come pouring in. The trouble is there are lots of bloggers out there who aren’t making anything, that spend their time creating blog post after blog post and wondering


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