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How to use SMS Marketing to Launch a Product 

How many people do you know that have phones? How many of these people always have their phone with them, some might even take them to bed. SMS marketing is perhaps a form of marketing you have considered and dismissed however it is a very flexible form of marketing which you should consider. If you’re into marketing and you haven’t experimented with SMS marketing, you’re missing out and one great

Do you Know What To Post on FaceBook That Is Guaranteed To Get Results?

Do you Know What To Post on FaceBook? Get Guaranteed Results with These Suggestions Facebook is without a doubt the king of social media, it’s the most popular social networking website in the world, by a long, long way. In the past ten years it’s managed to acquire billions of users, who seem at times to be addicted to the platform. This means from a business perspective that business owner,

WordPress Themes Free or Premium

WordPress powers approximately twenty three percent of all websites, it’s free and open source software, which means that it’s widely supported and very, very popular. WordPress Themes to the lay person are the designs that provide the visual design of your website and there are many wonderful free themes that you can use to build your new website or to build your blog. There are also many free responsive design

Get An Unfair Marketing Advantage With Heatmaps

When it comes to winning out over the competition, no legal advantage is worth missing out on. Web marketing is particularly challenging when your company is introducing a new website in a field with well-established leaders. Without proper adjustments and continual updates, it’s easy for even the best designs to eventually fail to provoke the proper consumer response. This kind of maintenance is essential for established web presences as well.

The FX Digital WordPress Backend Area

At FX Digital we hand developed systems and implemented softwares to ensure our customer service levels are amongst the best in the industry, what other web designers dream about doing and what other web designers customers wish they had, we have implemented. The journey starts once we receive an order, as a customer your details are entered into our customer management portal, this allows you to see the tasks involved


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