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Boost Your Website with Site Search Data

If you have a website, chances are it has a search box on it, and if you don’t have a search feature it is definitely time to install one. A search feature allows your audience members to search your website for the information that interests them. More importantly for the website owner however is that this also gives you valuable insights into visitor behavior and what they are really looking

Social Media Customer Service

Social media is a way for businesses to build relationships with their customers, increase brand awareness, market their products and to also provide excellent customer service. Social media is the new word of mouth marketing, in its word of mouth marketing on steroids. When I started networking or word of mouth marketing, it was typically done behind closed doors. Now you can see how your brand gets known via the

Eight Reasons Membership Websites Earn

Have you noticed that many businesses utilize a membership business model and most of us don’t even realize, we’re so comfortable with it? For example I can remember joining a video club and showing my membership card every time I wanted to rent something, I’ve been a member of a gym, a drinking establishment and even a golf club. It’s obvious the concept is lucrative but how do memberships, really

Eight Reasons Press Releases Still Work

I speak with a lot of businesses and I think it’s a fair statement to say now, that press releases are highly underrated these days. It doesn’t matter if your business is digital, online or a bricks and mortar business, you should still be sending out press releases for every single newsworthy event that your business participates in. New products, new services, events, basically anything that your business does or

Email Marketing Conditioning Your Prospects and Customers

As a business owner you should ideally have a heathy supply of prospective customers as well as customers, it’s important from a business point of view to stay in touch with these people as often as possible. You should add these people to your email lists, segmented according to where they are in the buying cycle so that you can really target your messages according to their needs. Tell People

How to Build an Online Community

If you can build an online community you can build a hugely successful business online. Online communities usually consist of an information area, a member’s area with a forum, sometimes a chat room and often a member’s resource section, with checklists, white papers, member’s directory, and whatever else interests your community that you can provide. Determine What Technology You Will Use One of the most important aspects of starting an

The Part Outsourcing Plays in Running a Successful Business

Outsourcing at least in my industry has been hijacked in recent years with everyone assuming that businesses that outsource are sending web development work overseas to cheap labour markets. However more outsourcing is done locally than abroad just look at who does your accounts, bookkeeping and compliance, chances are some or all of this is outsourced. Outsourcing is way more than this, in fact outsourcing is an important part of

Lets Nurture Existing Customers to Increase Sales

As business people we all understand that our existing customers are our most valuable asset, these are our customers who have shown they trust us and who have experienced the solutions we offer to solve their problems. It’s also much less expensive to keep your current customers and turn them into repeat customers than it is to go out and find more customers. This is not to say that you

Understanding Parallel Trends and How Best to Profit from Them

I’ve talked about the importance of selecting a niche for your business, today I’m going to discuss paying special attention to trends within your chosen niche, as it gives you many opportunities to increase profits. If you’re not aware of parallel trends within your niche, then it’s time to look into them. An example would be if your niche is DIY (do it yourself) repurposing furniture, there might be a

Is SMS Marketing Right for Your Target Audience?

When embarking on any kind of marketing, the very first thing you need to do, is to determine if the proposed method of marking is right for your target audience. If it is right, then you’ll need to determine how best to get started testing your assumptions to ensure your marketing campaign will work. SMS marketing is not different and it is used by a variety of different businesses and


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