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You Can’t Close a Sale if You Don’t Have Any Leads

Take a moment to think about the average sales transaction. Think about each of the elements that lead up to the transaction. Think about how these elements interact with each other like links in a chain. Now, ask yourself a question. Which one of these elements is the most important? It can be argued, with some validity, that all of the elements in the average sales transaction are equally important.

How to Get More Customers Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest public accessible database of business professionals in the world and utilizing it to get more customers is essentially what LinkedIn is designed to do. Unfortunately you cannot just create any old profile if you actually complete one fully, disappear for extended periods and expect new customers to magically appear and come your way. Whereas what you need to do is create an awesome profile and

Common LinkedIn Profile Mistakes

If you’re in business you should be utilizing LinkedIn, as it’s a very effective way to find and connect with new customers, partners, suppliers and connections. Think of LinkedIn as the largest and most up-to-date database of businesses and business professionals in the world, because that is what it is and LinkedIn gives you free access to. However as with most things, people tend to make mistakes and this leads

As a Business Owner How Does Content Marketing Work

Content marketing is the latest marketing buzz word, lots of businesses are producing as much content as they can with the aim of marketing their businesses. The trouble with content is simple, it’s just content and without a well-defined purpose all it does is add to the plenitude of content already on the Internet. Give content a purpose and tailor it so that it achieves that purpose in the eyes

Is Winning New Customers Losing You Old Customers

Have you ever felt taken advantage of and not appreciated by a business you have been a loyal customer of for many years? Have you ever sat watching the television and noticed one of those commercials offering new customers a huge discount over what you are now paying as a long term customer? Mobile phones and credit card companies are two that instantly spring to mind as being especially guilty

Nine Ways to use Audio for Content Marketing

As a content marketeer you should look at expanding the effectiveness of your marketing by adding in audio to your content marketing efforts, you’ll improve your engagement with your audience. This will in turn boast sales by helping you engage your target audience better, creating customers and repeater buyers. Add Audio to Your Blog Posts Using the software you probably already have on your computer (search for sound recorder) to

Overall Customer Experience Optimization

Customer expectations have never been so high and businesses these days have to go a lot further to please their customers than in the past. The experience of each and every customer is important to the point that businesses have to consider the experience of one user over the masses. This is because businesses want each customer to come away with a positive experience that they want to tell others

Key Performance Indicators You Need to Track

As an online marketeer, business owner you understand the importance about attracting visitors to your website this is why so much money has been spent on search engine optimization over the years, right? Well, if your website attracts one thousand visitors per week and this generates shall we say, two inquiries per week. By doubling your conversion rate you would generate four inquires per week from the same number of

Creating a Continuous Flow and a Positive Experience from End to End

Customers today are more educated than ever, they are blind to almost all advertisements and they don’t want to be sold to. They have instant access to an unlimited amount of information using their mobile phones, tablets or computers. If you want to attract new customers and retain the ones you already have, it’s important to think about each customers experience so that you can create a positive experience from

Lets Nurture Existing Customers to Increase Sales

As business people we all understand that our existing customers are our most valuable asset, these are our customers who have shown they trust us and who have experienced the solutions we offer to solve their problems. It’s also much less expensive to keep your current customers and turn them into repeat customers than it is to go out and find more customers. This is not to say that you


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