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Social Media Is It a Time Trap?

Social media is most definitely here to stay, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a host of new social networking sites are on the rise. People want to be connected and the speed we’re moving in to stay connected is frightful at times, as I update this article (June 2017) Facebook has just broken 2 billion users… how can you keep up? But more importantly, are you being less productive than you

Marketing Tips to Help Create Demand for Your Products

Marketing really doesn’t have to be difficult or yucky, its not all smoke and mirrors. Marketing can be as simple as providing the information that your audience needs and wants about products and services that make their lives better. It’s really no different than if you told a friend about that great new restaurant downtown. Tell your audience about what’s available for them as well as when and where, and

10 Best Practices for Attracting Blog Traffic #infographic

I’ve been blogging since before it was called blogging or content marketing and before Google existed… and one of the questions I am most asked is how to I generate blog traffic, so let’s have a look at some great things you should consider. Please feel free to share this infographic <div style=”clear:both”><a rel=”nofollow” href=””><img src=”https://website-designs.com/wp-content/uploads/BlogTraffic_Infographics_BestPractices.jpg” title=”Blog Traffic Infographics Best Practices ” alt=”Blog Traffic Infographics Best Practices ” border=”0″ /></a></div><div>Courtesy

Why Your Business Needs Online Marketing

Let’s face it almost everyone now searches online (over 90%) before buying anything worthwhile, and did you know that approximately 40 percent of searches actually result in offline purchases locally. You need to think about these facts for a moment because they are extremely important if you are a business owner. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, were you market your products or services, you can benefit

What Is Content Marketing

Content marketing is a type of marketing that offers free information in order to build an audience. This free information isn’t promotional but helps the reader solve a problem or answer a question. Then, when they need to buy a product they naturally come to you, the content provider. This is how I tend to describe content marketing: “Content is simply telling stories that attract and engage an audience and

What Is Integrated Marketing and Why You Need It

Integrated marketing takes into consideration all aspects of marketing and the many channels you may carry out marketing within. As with all marketing plans you need to know what your goals are, who you plan to market too and how you will accomplish this. Typically, your goals and the audience remain the same, the integration comes in with how you will accomplish your goals while maintaining a cohesive brand image,

How to Stand Out in a Sea of Competitors

As a business owner on the Internet it can sometimes seem like everyone has decided to become your competition, not only that each day more and more competitors seem to appear and grow stronger. The truth however is that competition is good, I know because when I started to sell websites in the nineties, I first had to educate clients as to what the Internet was, now many years later

Why Does One Particular Niche Outsell Another?

When selecting a niche to base your business on, it’s extremely important to study how profitable that niche can be. Some niches are a lot more profitable than others because they appeal to a larger audience, or because the product is more expensive and more exclusive. Some aspects of supply and demand fit here, but that’s not all there is to it. In order to select a popular niche to

Creation of Content For Easy Consumer Digestion

Almost all marketing starts with the creation of content. It doesn’t matter what type of marketing you are doing, it all begins with the creation of content. Brochures, business cards, blog posts, articles, videos, eBooks, eReports, podcasts and so forth are all types of content. Content comes in so many forms, ready for your audience to digest, but creating content that is easy for your consumers to digest depends on

Do Your Marketing Efforts Support Your Business Plan?

As a business owner you understand how important it is to have a business plan, but’s it’s also equally important to ensure your companies marketing efforts match the goals and forecasts in your business plan, otherwise you’ll never achieve the goals laid out in your business plan. It’s therefore imperative that when you create your marketing plan you refer to your business plan to ensure you are living up to


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