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Incorporating Keywords to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

As with all social media platforms online, it’s important especially important with LinkedIn to utilize keywords to improve your chances of being found by LinkedIn internal search engine, thus sending you targeted visitors. However, it’s also equally important not to use too many keywords so that your profile turns real visitors off because it is no longer engaging the people that find it. You need to learn how to use

How to Create Wow-Worthy Content for Your Blog

When your particular target audience reads your blog posts you want them to think, “Wow this company knows what it is talking about.” This will after time, make your audience want to do business with you. They will want to share your content and tell all of their friends about you. Fortunately there are tried and tested ways to create wow worthy content for your blog that you should consider

Ethical Content Marketing – Are You Doing It Right?

With all of the spamming and scamming that happens daily on the Internet, how do you know that what you’re doing is ethical? Not only is it just plain bad to be unethical, it’s also not effective. If you engage in unethical practices, you won’t build a real fan base that sees your content brand as a source of valuable information. SEO Shenanigans There’s a fine line between optimizing your

What’s the Difference Between Authority Content versus General Content?

Most blog posts created for search engine optimization or for traffic building purposes using keywords have very generalized content. You know the sort of content, reasonably written but without any real flair for the audience, the sort of articles you used to see on article marketing websites. They tend to be about 300 – 400 words in length, and they cover a very small piece of a highly focused niche

How Small Businesses Can Make Use of Native Advertising

Many small businesses already use a lot of native advertising and most do not realize that they are doing so. But, when you do realize, that you’re using native advertising, the following are the different ways that small businesses can make use of it. Making Use of Native Advertising Search advertisements On your website you can place a search bar that allows searches from Google to appear alongside your normal

Get More Value from your Press Release

Press releases are a pretty inexpensive way to get the word out about your business and build your brand and authority, buy you can make each release stretch much further if you have a plan that incorporates areas outside of your random distribution list. As with all forms of content marketing it’s easier and cheaper to get people to find you than for you to find them, so figure out

Tools to Monitor and Manage Your online Reputation

Understanding what types of tools are out there to help you monitor and manage your online reputation is the first step to taking control of your online presence. If you’ve never concerned yourself in the past about how you’re perceived across the Internet those days are over. Take control using these tools. Manage your Online Reputation Using Google You’re probably not surprised that Google would be the first suggestion when

A Successful Social Media Profile for Business Networking

One of the first things people are going to do when you are business networking with new contacts is check out your social media profiles out if they are interested in doing business. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you are providing a consistent image and current information. To make sure your profiles are professional and are portraying the image you want, include all the following elements: A Professional Photo

How to be found on linkedin

As a business owner the whole point of using social media within your marketing is so that your target audience finds you, simply creating a profile and leaving things to chance isn’t enough if your audience is to find you. But, there are some tips that you can use to make it easier for your target audience to find you. Create a customized URL On your profile you have an


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