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Can You Really Make Money Selling on Amazon?

Many people don’t realize that you can actually sell items on Amazon to earn money. You can not only sell new items on Amazon, you can also sell used items on Amazon and make money. You can be a product creator, a private labeller, or you can sell through retail arbitrage. You can ship the items yourself, or you can let Amazon do it for you with their fulfillment by

Business Mindset – Hustle to Survive

Those who have had to struggle in life generally make excellent, successful business owners. Do you wonder why that is? When you’ve struggled in life, you learn a lot about who you are, and what you’re made of. These life lessons translate exceptionally well to business. Those who have experienced struggle know how to hustle. They have a sense of urgency in everything they do. One business owner put it

Remarketing to Change Minds and Convert

Remarketing is an incredibly effective way to connect with all the visitors on your website. It is especially effective for those individuals who’ve visited your website but did not make an inquiry or purchase. This marketing technique allows you to strategically place your targeted ads in front of a defined audience, the same people who previously visited your website. Remarketing can be highly effective, because once a potential customer leaves

The Importance of Public Speaking

Businesses need to generate a consistent number of leads and sales, gone are the days when traditional advertising was all that was needed. Today’s consumers have been bombarded with advertisements so much so, that they are now almost blind to them. Everyone and anyone it seems from beginners to experts are trying to use social media and technology to generate leads; however, consumers are growing weary of being so disconnected.

15 Ways to Kick Start Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be the number one priority of any business. It can make a huge difference in how your bottom line is. Training your team members in ways to increase your customers’ satisfaction is key in building a good relationship with the customers. Here are the top 15 ways to increase customer satisfaction: Listen to what they have to say. Some will just need to rant, even if they

Engaging in Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Checklist

Everyone in business will at times be required to enter into the file sharing arena at times, you may need to share documents and files regularly or just occasionally with other business owners and individuals. It’s extremely important to understand the risks involved, and how to avoid them, before you engage in peer-to-peer sharing. This checklist should help you safely share files and information via the internet with few problems.

How to Use Focus Groups to Your Advantage

Do you want to improve your business and make it focused more specifically on the needs and wants of your customers? Well, it’s not just large corporations that should use focus groups. Focus groups allow you to create new products and services, there also allow you to improve on products and services that you offer. Someone in a company typically records the responses from a variety of individuals who have

Mastermind Groups Explained

The mastermind concept has been around for a long time. Many entrepreneurs will make references to being part of a mastermind group and credit the group in many instances for a big part of their success. The mastermind concept is simple: you gather with like-minded individuals to help motivate and build each other’s businesses. It’s a great tool for really developing a close network of confidants, business mentors and life-long

How to Set Up an Eco Consultancy

The greening of America is underway, and families, businesses and individuals are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and live in an environmentally sustainable way. Going green helps the business owner attract an increasing number of similarly-minded customers, and more and more individuals want to go green for the health of their families. Eco-consultants help people evaluate their lifestyles and living spaces, and advise them on how they can

How to Keep Projects on Track through Upheaval and Change 

If one thing is for sure, change is always happening. Nothing ever goes as planned. Because of this, it’s important that you organize your projects in such a way that you’ve already factored in the very fact that upheaval and change are going to happen. It’s just the way life, and business, is. Systemize If you have a fixed system for setting up and organizing every project that you do,


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