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Six Ideas for Affiliate Partnerships

Many small business owners are scared of competition, when in reality the the truth is that most of us can’t do everything ourselves. This being the case, affiliate partnerships and joint venture partnerships, in which one or more entrepreneurs choose to work together, can be the perfect way to cover all the bases and make more revenue than ever before. There are a number of ways to do this for

How Advocates and Influencers Can Help You

Getting advocates and influencers to help you spread the message of your brand is a very powerful way to expand your brand. Advocates can be former customers, and influencers are movers and shakers within your niche and industry. Together, they form a powerful alliance to help propel your brand to new heights. They Can Become the Face of Your Brand Advocates are often customers before they become advocates, which puts

How to Manage and Lead as a Female Entrepreneur

Today more women are starting businesses than men, and studies are showing that female managed businesses are more successful than male-led organizations. It’s not certain why this is true, but there are some theories, one is that women need to continue to embrace their feminine side as they lead businesses to success. Here are some tips on how to succeed as a female entrepreneur. Do Not Ask Permission One thing

Optimizing Your Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is an essential tool for anyone serious about content marketing, it helps you ensure you content is relevant, being planned in advance, organized, created, scheduled and published in a way that makes sense based on what’s happening in your business. Think of it like a “content to do” list instead of an editorial calendar if it helps. I know, I am an army of one and I

Elements of Action-Producing Visuals

When you make a video for your business to promote or sell something, you need to think of all the elements that go into making a pleasing video that gets results from the viewer. There are essentially nine elements that help make a viewer take action when watching your videos. You can even use these ideas in still pictures sans sound, to make all your visuals more likely to get

Writing Headlines That Sell

If you’re like me you would have sat through numerous long sales pitches and at the end, not remembered any of it. The presentation was just too long and boring and your mind drifted off towards more pleasant and engaging thoughts. This is because it is much, much easier for someone to remember short pieces of information over much longer ones. Which is precisely why some of the most successful

How to Tell Your Unique Story

Your businesses unique story is what separates and differentiates you from everyone else. Without it you’re just one more solution for the same old problem that your audience has to choose from and without something that grabs people’s attention and says I’m different all people have to choose on is price. Unless you’re running a dollar store or are well known for low prices, you don’t want your audience to

Content Creation Madness, What to Do When You Get Stressed

It takes a great deal of time and work to produce a steady stream of high quality content. You can easily get stressed and start to feel burned out. Aside from the usual stress reduction techniques (exercise, meditation, music or whatever else works for you), there are a few ways you can reduce the stress of your content creation. Slow Down If you feel overwhelmed, maybe you’re trying to produce

Easy Content Creation, What Is Repurposing Content

You don’t have to create all of your content totally from scratch. Content marketers repurpose content. What this means is taking old content and switching it up somehow to create something original. It’s basically dressing up old content in new clothes. Why Repurpose Content? The main reason we repurpose content is that it saves time. Repurposing is a content creation shortcut. Creating your own content takes a great deal of


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