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Creating Content for Your Best Customer

When you create content you have to understand that it isn’t intended to be of interest to everyone, it is however intended to be of interest to someone. Somewhere on the Interwebs someone is endlessly surfing, wishing and hoping for a solution to a problem that they have. Not knowing that your product is the perfect answer. If you can only connect with this person, you have a guaranteed sales,

Content Creation Madness, What to Do When You Get Stressed

It takes a great deal of time and work to produce a steady stream of high quality content. You can easily get stressed and start to feel burned out. Aside from the usual stress reduction techniques (exercise, meditation, music or whatever else works for you), there are a few ways you can reduce the stress of your content creation. Slow Down If you feel overwhelmed, maybe you’re trying to produce

Tips for Outsourcing Content Creation

In order to do content marketing effectively, you need a great deal of fresh content. Some business owners don’t have the time or staff to do this themselves. If this is the case, you need to hire a content creator. The Internet is full of good virtual help. Here are some tips on finding and working with your content creator. Finding the Right Help With so many providers out there,

Reduce Your Workload with Technology

Technology is changing constantly, in fact if you follow the technology news sources you will find that it’s constantly evolving and being improved upon. This means that there are a great many tools out there that can help reduce your workload and increase productivity. Using the right digital tools can help you automate lots of tasks and simplify your job in numerous ways. Let’s jump right in and look at

How You Can Use Instagram in Your Business

The last decade or so has seen a massive rise in the popularity of social media and this has created a wealth of opportunities for business owners. Twitter especially makes it super simple, quick and easy to get your message out to your audience, wherever they may be. But the world of social media is constantly changing and evolving, so it’s important to keep up with current trends. Relatively new

Is Your Website Design Driving People Away?

As a business owner you need to have your own website under your control so that you can add content and manage it as required. This is the place where all of your social media accounts and other online activities will direct people towards so that they can learn about you and what you are offering them. As you can imagine there are ways to do this right and ways

How to Deliver the Right Content at the Right Time across the Right Channel to the Right Audience

Content marketing is a game with winners and losers, those that win the content game engage more of their audience, attract more customers, retain and upsell to existing customers and ultimately improve their bottom line. I’ve been content marketing for years and the following are a few rules which should help you. Make Content Available across Devices It never ceases to amaze me the number of people that obviously spend

Strategies for Hiring Great Employees and Contractors

Hiring new employees, taking on casual staff, contractors or even outsourcing is an important way to expand your business. Each person you hire or contract with, can potentially be a duplicate of yourself so that you can expand your business in a smart way, without working harder. But, it’s important to ensure the people working with you, help lower your stress levels while expanding your business and giving you more

Should You Charge for Your Webinar?

If you’ve decided to host your own webinars one of the things you need to consider is whether or not to charge people to attend these events. It’s not actually as simple as just saying yes we will charge and no we won’t, as each decision has benefits and consequences and you have to study your particular situation filly to understand. Define your Goal for Hosting the Webinar When choosing

Backing up Your Website For The Worst Case Scenario

As a business owner you understand the importance of protecting your investments, your building is insured, your products and the delivery vehicles are insured. Yet if I was to ask you if you are backing up your website?, chances are you wouldn’t know or you would answer that it isn’t. The odd business owner might answer that their hosting company or website designer looks after this for them, but they


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