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Free Online Classes to Boost Your Marketing Skills

It may not seem like it but the truth is, marketing education can be had for free. They say you get what you pay for so your mileage may vary, but the courses listed here are legit and you will learn a lot if you apply yourself. Taking online marketing courses can help you improve your business exponentially if you put into practice what you learn. Google Online Marketing Challenge

Creative Ways to Get Public Speaking Gigs

Are you afraid of public speaking? I know I used to be and now, well I’ve speak as often as I can to small groups or large groups, it’s one of those things that once I got over my fear I actually enjoyed and low and behold I found out I was pretty good at it. If you are like me and have a desire to be a public speaker

What Is Integrated Marketing and Why You Need It

Integrated marketing takes into consideration all aspects of marketing and the many channels you may carry out marketing within. As with all marketing plans you need to know what your goals are, who you plan to market too and how you will accomplish this. Typically, your goals and the audience remain the same, the integration comes in with how you will accomplish your goals while maintaining a cohesive brand image,

Who Uses Pinterest?

Pinterest tells us that according to their demographic data, almost seventy percent of their users are women between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-four, and about half of them have children. Consider that for a minute, if your business is marketing to this niche audience then you need to be using this social media network. Pinterest users spend roughly fifteen minutes per day on the website, they share a variety

Keyword Research Know What Works and What Doesn’t

When researching keywords, one of the main tasks facing you is to differentiate between profitable keywords and keywords that are essentially junk, this is where most post per click companies fail in my opinion. Keyword research starts with an understanding of your target audience, as well as knowledge of your product or service and how it solves problems for and serves your target audience. Your initial keyword list is really

Effective Ways to Conduct Topic Research

As you might have gathered by some of the latest articles on niche marketing I’m a massive fan, since I have narrowed my niche, magic things have started to happen for me, however to be profitable in any niche, it’s important that you understand how to conduct topic research effectively. It’s not enough to just do a few internet searches, Google might be good but it’s not that good. You

Why Google+ Has to Be Part of your SEO / SEM Strategy

Why Google+ Has to Be Part of your Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing Strategy There are several other search engines, so you may wonder why do you have to involve yourself with Google+. Well, at least for now, Google Search has the corner on the search engine market. Google bounces between 63 and 67% market share. Bing comes in at around 18 percent, while Yahoo has about 11

SEO Tip: Responsive Web Design Vital to Online Success

In today’s online business world, a website that isn’t mobile friendly could be the kiss of death for your business. It used to be that you wanted to create a mobile website and a “regular” website. But, now you want to create one website that works on any browser, accessed with any device no matter if it’s a smartphone, tablet or a computer. After all, what could be worse than

Local SEM Imperative for All Online Businesses

Today, with private and personalized search, it’s more important than ever for online businesses to pay attention to these changes and incorporate them into their search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) strategy. When any user signs into Google, then uses Google Search to locate something of interest the first results that show up are local before anything else. This means, regardless of what the user is looking


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